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PLAYERSUNKNOWN'S Leather Trench Coat Product Specifications: Real Leather Internal Lining..
PUBG Assassins Leather Coat
PUBG Assassins Leather Coat Product Specifications: Real Leather Internal Lining Viscose ..
PUBG Hooded Trench Coat
PUBG Black Leather Hooded Trench Coat Product Specifications: Real Leather Black Attach..
PUBG Leather Jacket
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Black Leather Jacket With Hood Product Specification: Externa..
PUBG Leather Trench Coat
PUBG Black Leather Trench Coat Product Specifications: Material: Faux Leather Internal: L..
PUBG Season 11 Elite Agent Coat
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11 Elite Agent Leather Coat Product Specifications: Ex..
PUBG Varsity 5M Jacket
Black And Green Varsity PUBG 5M Jacket ..

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the online battle royale game that has been all over the minds of our generation! The player versus player shooting game is an excitement for the players, as they get to fill up their backpack with the heaviest armory and medical kits, they are focused to have a higher kill and accomplish to survive in the end after quite short time intervals and zones. As exciting the game is, the apparels that the players are attired with are equally astounding! If you want to grab onto the PUBG merch, then this is what you need to give a read!

The player can either be male or female, with different attires that you can either take away from the player you kill, or upgrades as you reach a higher achievement level. We have an entire category which is dedicated to the costumes of PUBG, the PUBG merch is what must enthuse you! The attire comes in different styles and fabric. The PUBG merch comprises of trench coat, leather coat, hooded trench coat and leather trench coat. Every attire has its own specifications which will make you fall in love with the feel and look of it.

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Trench coat is one of the classics that you can get your hands-on. The trench coat is made of real leather with an inner viscose lining, which serves you style on the outer side and comfort on the inner side. The black colored coat is long and has a front button belt and strap closure. The hooded collar makes it look ever classier. There are two pockets on the inner side whereas one on the outer. Full sleeves with open hem cuffs will ensure the fitted look. Grab this coat and cherish the look of PUBG merch!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Assassins Leather Coat is a must to own if you are one of the frequent players! The fabric of the coat is real leather which is lined with an internal viscose lining. The brown color of the coat makes it look unique with a hooded collar. The front belt strap with two inside pockets is enhancing the look of the coat. Get your hands over this one and carry a classic look in the real world. Here we have another astounding piece of coat, PUBG hooded trench coat! The coat is also made of real leather with an attached hood. The black trench coat will make you carry an elegant look with front buttoned closure.

You can also have a look at the PUBG Leather Trench Coat which is made of faux leather in black. The shirt style collar of the trench coat will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The front zipper closure of the coat ensures perfect closure in black. The two inner pockets will make you hold your possessing. Grab it now and cherish the look of your PUBG classic player among your friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab any of the coats from the PUBG merch and cherish the look that you carry in the gaming world. Every coat has its unique look which would make you replicate the look of PUBG’s player! Grab it now and team up with your friends for a game tonight!