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The Perfect Guide of Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume

Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume

Get ready to transform yourself into the world of adventures and actions as the Batman video game is back with the latest edition of Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume. There are variety of comic series which not only blast by the comics but its video games also grab the viewer’s utmost attentions, batman is one of them which is famous amongst young-adults and so as teenagers from a big period. The Arkham knight is the latest episode of the Arkham series reviving the amazing chills and stunts to combat with super villains in the video game. Now we are bringing the very demanding batman costume to your way to fulfil you around the adventures world of Arkham series.

red hood 2 costume guide


red hood jacket

Red Hood Jacket

Batman Red Hood Jacket is like a spreadsheet of shiny leather material, it has brilliant features like red patches on front with zipper closing. Same thing goes with the sleeves end at cuffs are red.

red hood vest

Red Hood Vest

While the vest that goes under is off white in color with classic lace trap style with batman logo on front and black stand collar to fulfill the real image of the costume.

red hood mask

Batman Arkham Mask (Product Page)

Red hood mask of Batman from Batman’s video game Arkham Knight is very typical one it is bloody red, it is scary it is unusual.

red hood logo

Batman Arkham Red Hood Logo (Product Page)

Red in color Batman logo is default image of batman Arkham Knight Video game which is printed on the vest under the jacket.

batman arkham knight boot

Batman arkham knight boot (Product Page)

Batman Arkham knight Boot are brilliant as knee high boots with magic fitting is an awesome appeal.


red hood batman arkham knight gloves

Batman Arkham  Gloves (Product Page)

Red Hood Batman Arkham Knight Gloves are best with the costume to be as honest as this can be, it does, fulfill the needs of a customer.

red hood pant

Batman Arkham Pent (Product Page)

Red Hood Pants are as similar as in the video game Batman Arkham Knight, to be true to its image and undergoes a well deserved treatment.

This looks so splendid and truly the the only piece of artistic efforts to give you the exotic batman appearance as in the video game series. This costume is the true inspiration from Arkham knight video game which is further accessorized with all other gears giving you a wide range to choose whatever you want.



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