10 Simple Ways to wear black leather jacket with Vans shoes


A black leather jacket an attire that almost every man carries in a handsome manner. It’s a must to be in your wardrobe. A good leather jacket can last for a decade or more if you treat it well. Matching a black leather jacket with the right and thoughtful match could embrace you with a charming and a stylish look.

Leather jackets have been in demand since decades, in fact from the early 1930s when they were first introduced for military pilots. Gradually, the military outfits transformed into casual attires. Black leather jackets have been worn along with pants, cargo pants, sweatshirts, formal shirts, tees and many more outfits which highlighted the charming factors of men’s personality.

What could be a perfect match for footwear with a black leather jacket? Well, Vans is certainly the answer here! Vans are the skateboarding shoes that are versatile and could be worn in many ways. These shoes have been making their way in the fashion industry, as flat sneakers and casual footwear that could match perfectly along with a black leather jacket.

You would want to balance out your look since a black leather jacket has a macho personality, it would clear the way out with casual Vans shoes. Let your black leather jacket and Vans shoes mix it up to form the most classic outcome of clothing. Grabbing this look for a casual date, meetup or gatherings can make you stand at a highlighted spot among the crowd – you deserve this my friend!

We are here with 10 simple ways to wear a black leather jacket with Vans shoes. So, no matter what you grab onto, with these Vans shoes you can flaunt off your kicking look for the day!

1.Denim Shirt + Black leather jacket + Black Pants + Vans shoes

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to grab onto a look that could make you look casual and stylish at the same time? Pair up your black leather jacket with a denim shirt and black pants along with Vans shoes. The shoes may be in black and white to continue the casual and aesthetic look that you desire to own. This is certainly the kind of look that could make you embrace elegance and style at the same time. put your hands in the back pocket of your pant, let your black leather jacket be front open with a big buckled belt and a handsome smile.

2.Causal Tee + Black leather jacket + Ripped Jeans + Vans shoes

Since Vans can embrace you with a casual look for the day, grab onto these and experience the charming look that you have always dreamt of. Try to get along with a causal tee, may be some text or image imprinted on the chest and a blue ripped jean. Wear your black leather jacket over the tee with front open and put on Vans shoes to complete your look. Man, you are about to rock this outfit. You deserve to be complimented on the way long. Throw on a belt, maybe some hand bands and a manly silver locket. Walk across the street with a causal hat over your head.

3.Formal Shirt + Black leather jacket + Blue Jeans + Vans shoes

If you are looking for an outfit that could give you a casual ft. formal look to carry around – then this is it! Grab onto a formal white shirt with a front buttoned closure, blue jeans with a big buckle belt and a black sleek tie. Wear your formal black leather jacket over a white shirt to give an eye-catching impression to the ladies and put on your Van shoes right away. This is what you needed to have since a long time. You deserve to mark your own spot among the crowd my friend.

4.White Shirt + Vest + Black leather jacket + Brown Pants + Vans shoes

Seeking for a dashing look that could make you look irresistible and charming? Well, look no more because this is the one that you have been desiring for. With a white shirt paired along with a brown vest – you can never go wrong! Playing with warm colors will make you embrace the charisma in your personality. Pair this with a brown jean, may be a slim fitted with a zipper and button closure. Over this, throw on your black leather jacket and put on those black and white Vans shoes to give the final touch to your look. Taa-daa! You are done!

5.Black Tee + Black leather jacket + Black Pants + Vans shoes

There is nothing like too much of black. With the combination of pure black, you can rock your outfit with the attitude that is enough to make you look graceful and stylish. Get your hands on a black tee with a crew neck and short sleeves. Throw on your black leather jacket with style. Try to go onto with the one that has a lapel collar, studs and buttons all over and a front zipper closure. Moreover, put on your black pants with a black belt having a silver buckle. Last but not the least, wear those classic Vans shoes on and complete your look with a blast!

6.Grey Shirt + Stripped Muffler + Black leather jacket + Black Pants + Vans

Try to go along with a bit different look for the day. How about wearing a grey shirt paired along with a black and white stripped muffler wrapped around your neck? Let this upper match with your black pants and Vans shoes. Grab onto your classic black leather jacket with a snap tab collar and a front zipper closure. You can get your hands on some classy ray-bans and a wrist watch to match your accessories along. Boy! This is one of the sexiest looks that you can ever slay in!

7.Denim Shirt + Black leather jacket + Denim Ripped Pants + Vans shoes

Go all denim! Because denim surely knows how to embrace your charming personality in an overwhelming manner to the crowd. A denim shirt with a denim ripped pants could be the perfect outfit combination that you can choose to wear. The black leather jacket will compliment your denim look and would certainly make you feel accomplished. Put on your Vans shoes and give yourself a final look in the mirror! Mama Mia!

8.Sweatshirt + Black leather jacket + Black Pants + Vans shoes

As you are about to dress up for a winter evening, you wouldn’t want to miss on the warm clothes that you own. Try to pair your black leather jacket with a grey or beige sweatshirt. The rib knitted hemline and collar of your sweatshirt would look classy underneath your black leather jacket. Put on your black casual pants and your classic Vans shoes. You are ready with the warmest and sexiest look that a man can get hold onto.

9.White Shirt + Sweater Vest + Black leather jacket + Brown Pants + Vans shoes

This might seem like a lot, but trust us – you would thank us later! Pair up your black leather jacket with a white classic formal shirt and a sweater vest. You can match your sweater vest in a darker shade such as brown or black. Put on your black leather jacket with brown pants as your bottoms. Classy eh? Well, your Vans shoes would make this outfit rock your personality in a go!

10.White Tee + Black leather jacket + Black Ripped Pants + Vans shoes

Another causal look that would make you pass the entire day with a relieving feel is to match your black leather jacket with a white tee and black ripped pants. That would be the classic color combination, wouldn’t it? Black and white – the safest color combination men can get hold onto. Put on your black leather jacket and give yourself the final and complete look with Vans shoes. You are done with your look for the day.

For men, pairing up their black leather jacket with Vans shoes can be quite challenging but with the above mention simple ways you can assure to grab onto the most reliable and charming look. Let that black leather jacket embrace you with manhood and masculinity, whereas those Vans shoes give you the causal yet chic look for the day! Dress well my lad!