10 Facts You Never Knew About The Black Parade Jacket of Gerard Way


My Chemical Romance – the American rock band which has been successful in the previous years with classic hits. One of the recent hits that My Chemical Romance has pleased their audience with, is The Black Parade. ‘The Black Parade’ is the third studio album by this rock band. The rock opera has been centering the song around a cancer patient “The Patient”. The song has received favorable reviews and has embarked the return of the band. Along with the classic lyrics and music that the band has managed to suppress this song with, the costume that the band has been wearing is something to talk about.

The lead vocalist Gerard Way is also the former of the band.The Black Parade Jacket has surely won over the hearts of the audience. The military style MCR Black Parade Jacket is made of cotton with a durable viscose lining on the inner side. Silver stripes with studs has been an appealing accessory on the jacket. The zipper closure leads up to a stand-up collar with straps on the shoulder. The long sleeves with studs and silver stripes of the Gerard Way Black Parade Jacket is something that every fan would love to grab onto. No matter how much of a die-hard fan you are of the band, there are certain facts about The Black Parade, that you aren’t aware of. Let’s go through them:

1. The Black Parade was actually written in a Haunted House

The Paramour, a mansion in the Canfield-Moreno Estate in California is a mansion which has been entitled as a haunted house – literally! The band actually wrote the entire album there. They reported that they have been witnessing paranormal activities there, such as, doors being slammed, footsteps being heard and weird singing voices coming from the rooms.

2. The Black Parade was supposed to be the last album of MCR

The Black Parade was considered as the last album of My Chemical Romance. The band tended to think about the future way ahead, and they didn’t plan to go along this journey after the release of The Black Parade. Gerard Way, the lead vocalist, told the media that he felt like betraying such artistic innovation. For the band, The Black Parade was a very natural ending.

3. Welcome to The Black Parade was initiated in 2002

As the band is known for planning way ahead of time, they started writing Welcome to The Black parade back in 2002. The actual title that the band gave this song earlier, was The Five of Us Are Dying – which eventually ended up being Welcome to the Black Parade.

4. Two members were injured in Famous Last Work

The video for Famous Last Work was started being recorded in 2006. The band had a time of two days to shoot the video, thus, they were giving it a shot back to back. At the end of the second day, their parade float was set ablaze and things got rough. The rhythm guitarist, Frank Lero, injured his ankle by tearing of multiple ligaments as he was tackling with the lead vocalist. Whereas, Bob Bryar, the drummer, was placed quite near the flames which made him receive second and third degree burns on his leg.

5. The creepy and weird characters in the video have names

The Black Parade is a song which has portrayed the life of a dying man. The weird characters in the video are entitled with names. The man who is on his death bed, and is dying because of cancer, is The Patient. The skeleton on the cover is Pepe. Regret and Mother War are the two women helping The Patient.

6. The Black Parade is also a band

The Black Parade album, coincides with the name of an actual band. The Black Parade is a band from Italy, who showed up at the premier of My Chemical Romance in London.

7. The Black Parade changed the vision of death

The Black Parade is about the life of a dying man, who is suffering through cancer and is regretting what he has done in his life. Where death is a painful procedure, The Black Parade managed to show care this ideology through their song with the thoughts that a dying man gets through his last breaths.

8. Gerard Way acted out his song through his hairstyle

As the song was a hit, Gerard Way adapted a short white hairstyle which was his act on the song. He claimed that he wanted to reflect the main character of his song, The Patient. The one who is fighting through cancer. He might have gone through chemotherapy. The hairstyle does make him look sick, but with this look he can easily feel what the character has been going through.

9. Teens were empowered to fight through mental illness

The song empowered the emo movement to overcome their depression and anxiety. The song helped them to protest over their illness and struggle. The teens were able to connect with the song, the struggle and the fear of death. The song has been considered as a savior for the damned, broken and the beaten.

10. Woody the Woodpecker reference in The Black Parade

The cartoon character, Woody the Woodpecker has a voice which could be noticed distinctively because of the pitch and rhythm; we would suggest you to hear it once. As you have heard it now, you would be amazed to hear it in the song. Listen to Ray Toro’s ripping guitar at a span of 2 minutes in the video – there! You can never unhear it now!

We are sure, that you wouldn’t have been aware of the above-mentioned facts about The Black Parade. So, now you can claim yourself as a die-hard fan of My Chemical Romance and the classic hit The Black Parade. On the other hand, if you knew these already, well, hats-off to your fanhood!