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Top 5 Black Widow Costumes


Black Widow – the charming yet the most competent super hero that Marvel Comics has given to the audience, is surely the one who is worth talking about! The fictional character of Black Widow has empowered women, with the fact that women have the audacity to be smart, strong and robust. As every super hero has be embedded with abilities and powers, Black Widow has been exposed to biotechnology which resulted in making her body anti-aging and resistant to diseases. She has the power to coordinate her body with flexibility and balance. The character of Black Widow is an athlete, gymnast, martial artist and at the top of it, an accomplished ballerina.

Black Widow is not only recognized for the attractive personality and characteristics that she has, but also because of the classic outfits that she has been attired with. To be honest, who expects a super hero to be this elegant and gorgeous? As a fan of Black Widow, you might have been drooling over her perfect fitted costumes, haven’t you? Well here we are, with the top 5 Black Widow Costumes, that have made her look gorgeous and elegant in the top hit movies. Let’s go through the list of her costumes and check out the details that her outfits hold.

1. Iron Man 2 Black Widow Costume


Black Widow has managed to slay every look that she has been attired with. Iron Man 2 has been one of the hits of Marvel Studios, featuring the super heroes of Marvel Comics. Black Widow, being a female representative of humanity, has always aimed to fight for the right. She has been attired with a classic black outfit. The costume is made of genuine leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The fabric of the costume ensures durability. The Black Widow jacket as an upper, has a front zipper closure to a notch collar. The full sleeves of the jacket are fashioned with accessorized gloves. The leather pants with a belt and a big buckle, enhances the look of her costume. Along with the classic black attire, she has been complimented with leather boots, a holster and a weaponry belt. The gazed brown curl hairstyle is making her entire look flaunt with beauty.

2. Avengers Age of Ultron Black Widow Costume


The Avengers series has been a demanding hit by the audience. People have loved every fictional character of Marvel Comics throughout the series. Black Widow is certainly one of the celebrities who has a fan following of million of hearts. She is not only courageous and powerful on the screen, but has been portrayed in a gorgeous manner as well. Her apparel in the movie is something that the fans have fallen for. The crazy black outfit, with a blue highlighted lining over the top, sleeves and cuffs – has surely been the highlight of her outfit. The costume that Black Widow is attired with in Avengers Age of Ultron, is made of real leather, involving the jacket with a zipper closure and fine stitching. The full sleeves are accessorized with blue highlighted cuffs and gloves. Her belt has metal buckles and loops to give her a fitted look. Her stretchy pants ensure to give her the flexible moves throughout her combat. The red haired super hero, has surely stolen the hearts of her fans.

3. Black Widow Infinity War Costume


Infinity War has been one of the hit installments of the Avengers series. The classic involvement of Black Widow in the mission to defeat Thanos was something that the fans fell for. Along with the strong portrayal of her character in Infinity Wars, she has surely slayed the look as well. Her apparel is something that every girl would love to own. The outfit that she has been attired with, comprises of Black Widow Infinity War vest, and inner and stretchy pants. The vest is made of genuine leather with buckles and zippers. The zipper closure of the vest ensures a perfect and a fitted look. The top underneath the vest has a zipper closure and is up to the waistline. Her pants are made of leather with buckled knee pads. The classy leather boots have accessorized her look. And not to forget, the blond hair color has made her look even elegant than ever before!

4. Black Widow Civil War Costume


The portrayal of the character of Black Widow has been incredible on the screen. Along with her gorgeous attitude and strength, she is attired with a black coverall in the movie. Her outfit is made of leather with fine stitching and detailing. The standup collar of her attire gives her a proportionate figure to hold onto. The upper has zipper closure. The full sleeves are fashioned with bullet cuffs. Her attire has the perfect detailing that an outfit of a super hero requires. Along with her gorgeous costume, she is attired with a red-haired wig – which has given her a classy yet an elegant look.

5. Black Widow 2020 Costume


Black Widow 2020, is to be another hit that Black Widow will be slaying in. She is about to showcase her strengths and abilities by serving humanity with all she has. She is attired with a strengthening costume in the movie. A black costume with silver lining and shaded padding, is just what she needed to have! Her brown colored hair gives a firm look to her character in the movie. Her costume is made of leather with pads on the shoulders and knees. A belt overcomes her chest and gives her an ambitious look to carry along.

As a follower of Black Widow, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the classic costumes that Black Widow has been attired with in the classic hits. Be it Civil War or Infinity War – Black Widow has managed to slay her look in every film. We hope that the above-mentioned costumes have flattered you, the same way that they did us.