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Complete Captain Boomerang Costume Guide

Captain Boomerang Costume

Suicide Squad is a famous theme of Hollywood and many of the characters have labeled the film as stunning. Captain Boomerang Costume is one of the supervillains from DC comic character of Suicide Squad. Boomerang has depicted a negative role in the movie. Among the biggest villains in the movie like Joker and his love interest, Boomerang becomes caught and almost claimed by G Gordon Godfrey during a delinquency fling, requiring a salvage and allow his fellow players Mind-boggler to hit as vengeance for her. Boomerang adopts the uniqueness of his late buddy Mirror Master to continue the bad stuff, but Waller exposed him and takes away his civil rights.

Since George Harkness played the role of Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad and shows his unique skills with an appealing costume. Captain Boomerang Costume has wide in range to accomplish his entire getup. Here are Boomerang features to wear his complete costume get up for you, let’s start with the iconic coat, sport jacket, pants, gloves, and boots.  And the most favorite jewel is of Boomerang look, his golden neck chain make his style completely.

Captain Boomerang Costume Guide


Captain Boomerang Coat

Captain Boomerang Leather Coat is such figure wear for the Men, styled with notch collar and front button closure. George Harkness attire the coat in his whole movie, which shows is suspicious personality. There is a Boomerang design on his left sleeve and a brown leather patch. Very classy, casual and formal wear is available on Black Leather Jacket.


Captain Boomerang Blue Jacket

Captain Boomerang Jacket contains a Captain logo on the chest to represent the symbolic role of Captain Boomerang. This is fashioned with the forever going rib knitted collar, cuffs, and hemline. It has blue shade with front YKK closure for style lovers. You may get this jacket, exclusive wear on Black Leather Jacket.

  harkness boomerang pants

Harkness Boomerang Pants (Product Page)

Pants go brilliant with the dressing, here are Boomerang pants for you to complete his this setup. This is an actual design as Harkness wears in Suicide Squad.

captain boomerang gloves

Captain Boomerang Gloves (Product Page)

Gloves cover your hands and look stylish. He carries his special Captain Boomerang Costume related gloves while fighting enemies. Here you have boomerang gloves with high-quality material and features. You may even wear these on a routine basis, available on Amazon.

boomerang yellow cubic chain

Boomerang Yellow Cubic Chain  (Product Page)

You can Shine with the Boomerang gold plated cubic chain. This always looks fashionable to wear accessorize with the perfect costume, but the choice should be perfect. It is the part of Captain Boomerang merch.

suicide squad captain boomerang boots

Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang Boots (Product Page)

Do not outrun yet without its concluding part of the costume, are Captain Boomerang boots. You may get the hot black shoes with the shiny toe of boomerang from Amazon.

We fit all the collection of Captain Boomerang Costume just for you. Engulf the whole series of the Suicide Squad Boomerang Costume and Rock your dreams!

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