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Captain Cold Costume Guide

Leonard Snart – the villain Captain Cold Costume, The  Character Captain Cold who can be perceived as a super hero captain too! Isn’t it just so cool, to admire a personality that could make you love the evil and good at the same time? The fictional character of Captain Cold has been appearing in comic books by DC Comics. The character of Captain Cold is portrayed as the leader of a loose criminal association, the Rouges. Along with his heroic personality, Captain Cold has set some serious fashion goals for his fans. As Halloween is just around the corner, grab the Captain Cold cosplay idea and get attired as the most adored villain of DC Comics.

How to make Captain Cold costume? Well, we have the essentials that you would require to disguise yourself as Captain Cold right below, have a look:

Leo Snart Crisis On Earth Jacket


Captain Cold Jacket

This costume of Captain Cold comprises of the coat that Leonard Snart has been attired with. The coat is made of cotton along with an internal viscose lining. The front zipper closure of the jacket gives you an easy wear on and off along with a stylish look to carry. The collar has an attached shearling hoodwhich gives his personality an admirable look according to his name, Captain Cold.The detailing of faux leather on the arms gives you a bulkier and classy look. Two waist pockets can hold up to your valuables. Grab this coat and black, to get a ton of compliments all the way long.

Leo Snart Crisis On Earth Pant


Captain Cold Pant

The black leather pant has been matched along with the cozy and warm cotton coat. The pant is made of soft natural cowhide, which makes it durable and comfortable. The fabric of the pant ensures premium quality, all set to serve you style. The snap tab closure of the pant makes it easier to be worn on and off. The two side pockets are there to hold onto your valuable. The pant comes along with removable soft protectors on the knee. Get your hands on this pant, and cherish the look of the super villain from DC Comics.

Leo Snart Crisis On Earth T-Shirt

Captain Cold T-Shirt

The Captain Cold has been spotted in a black t-shirt underneath his coat. You can now get your hands on the same t-shirt, which would make you replicate the look that your favorite super villain has been carrying on the screen. The t-shirt is made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. The crew neckline of the t-shirt leads up to short sleeves. The pocket on the chest has a zipper closure. The fabric of the t-shirt ensures durability and comfort. Grab this, and put in on under your black Captain Cold coat for an astounding look.

Leo Snart Crisis On Earth Goggles

Captain Cold Goggles

To complete the entire look of Captain Cold, you must get your hands on the goggles that he has been accessorized with. The goggles are constructed with 100% UV protection with a pair of an impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. The goggles will give you the look that Captain Cold has been portraying in the comic books. The rubber frame of the goggles makes it durable. Get ready to imitate the look of your favorite super villain with a pinch of heroism.

Leo Snart Crisis On Earth Gun

Captain Cold Crisis On Earth Gun

The Captain Cold Gun is what you must grab onto, right away! When you’re imitating a look of a character whom you adore, then do it right! The Cold gun is made of acrylics, and ensures a safe use. The gun can be held along with the costume of Captain Cold for an appropriate visual look. Get ready to replicate the look of Captain Cold for this Halloween, with just the perfect accessories. The gun is in blue color with detailing and shades, the firm grip to hold the gun is what you would love about this! Grab it!

Leod Snart Crisis On Earth Boots

Captain Cold Boots

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the essentials asap and replicate the look of the supervillain whom you adore! The look of Captain Cold is just a few clicks away. Cherish the disguised look along with compliments at the upcoming Halloween party!