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Captain Obvious Costume Guide


Captain Obvious Costume! The one who knows and states the obvious. The character of Captain Obvious is quite interesting. We know that he is fond of flying and is capable enough to make a flight, but Captain Obvious is scared of heights and doesn’t have enough courage to fulfill this act of bravery. So, instead of flying, Captain Obvious drives around the city and keeps an eye on the obvious things happening so that he can state them to the public in the city. The apparel that Captain Obvious has been attired with is certainly amusing and out showing, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of replicating the look, would you?

The Captain Obvious Costume is surely something astounding and unique. Get hold onto this attire before someone else does and mark a spot of attention for yourself. Below are listed the particulars and details of the attire that Captain Obvious has been portraying his character. Grab these asap and add this astounding attire to your wardrobe before it gets out of stock. Check out the attire, accessories, and details to replicate the exact look of Captain Obvious this Halloween:

Obvious Red Jacket

Captain Obvious Jacket

Captain Obvious formal white in a formal suit that outlines the personality of a Captain. The suit that he has been dressed in comprises of a red jacket with several medals and a Captain’s hat. The red jacket is made of polyester and is lined with an inner viscose lining. The jacket is an achievement to have, as the medals over it are enhancing its look. The jacket is in red and has a buttoned front closure. The collars are stiff, the shoulders are subtle, and the full sleeves have buttoned cuffs.

The cap is also made of polyester and has a hatband in yellow. The cap itself is black and has a Captain’s medal right at the front. Grab this red jacket and black hat, and portray the character of Captain Obvious on this Halloween party!

Obvious White Shirt

Obvious White Shirt

Under the hot red jacket, what could look better than a pure white shirt? The formal white shirt is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The shirt has a front button closure along with a wrinkle-free material. The collar of the shirt is classic, and it ensures to lengthen the face and allows you to try multiple knots of a tie. It is super comfortable and has a classic fit. The shirt can be used for any formal occasion. You can gear yourself up in this white shirt and take the red jacket with medals over it for the perfect look of Captain Obvious.

Obvious Black Pant

Captain Obvious Pant

The formal black pant underneath a white shirt and a red jacket makes your day perfect, doesn’t it? The pants are made of 100% polyester and have side slant pockets along with jetted back pockets. The front closure of the pant is buttoned, and it gives the perfect formal look that you have wanted since long. The classic fit of the pant gives you the complete Captain Obvious look. The pant is 0.7’’ high and about 14’’ wide.

Obvious Shoes

Captain Obvious Shoes

The black formal shoes are just what you have been missing. As Captains tend to have a wrinkle-free look with purity, this leather made shoes are what a Captain has wanted since forever. The shoes are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole. It has in-built ortholite insoles which ensure to wick away moisture, fungus, and odor. It gives you a comfortable walk along with a look to slay in. The lining on the outer surface is in fabric with a fastening lace on the top.

Obvious Tie

                                                                                                      Captain Obvious Tie

Gearing up in a tie makes you look formal and smart. Captain Obvious has been attired in a costume that is totally formal and upright. Along with his red jacket and black pant, he accessorizes his look with a black tie to carry a formal look. He wanders around the city to witness some obvious things happening in apparel that seems quite formal. The black wrinkle-free is made of satin and has a glossy surface. The tie is formal wear and can be worn for any other formal gathering as well. It has a standard width of 3 and a half inches wide right before the tip.

Obvious Fake Beard

Captain Obvious Beard

The look of Captain Obvious seems quite serious and stubborn. He has a classy look with an uptight attire and a firm face. He has accessorized himself with a white beard. You can replicate his facial looks with this fake white beard. The beard is made of synthetic fur of high quality, which strictly meets the EU health and safety standards. The beard is easy to use and take off and can be used multiple times. It gives the perfect facial look of Captain Obvious; and also allows you to trim and style the beard.

Captain Obvious is surely one of the adored characters, as he states everything that is quite obvious. The subtle appearance of Captain Obvious is something that you would love to replicate. The costume mentioned above guide is a certain help to find the accessories and gadgets that could make you imitate the look of Captain Obvious. So, what are you waiting for? Rush now, and grab the astounding red jacket with medals all over it along with a real Captains hat. Cherish the look of a Captain which strength and rigidness by getting a hold on every detail that the character has been portraying.

This Halloween, get this attire to replicate a look that would out show you in the crowd. Gear up in Captain Obvious apparel with every focused detail and enjoy the compliments from the crowd. This is your chance of having an outstanding spot among the crowd. Get dressed in the best attire and focus on every detail.