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Get Ready to Dazzle the Outlook with Chuck Greene Costume Guide

Chuck Greene Costume Guide

Chuck Greene is the leading character of the game Dead Rising 2 and is known as the former motocross champion. Greene is known for constructing anything that comes under his imagination. However, there were incidents that changed his life and he was never the same again. He is a single father of Katey Ann Greene and a widower, he is willing to do it all for the love of his beloved daughter. She was turned into zombie since been bitten by her mother who was also zombified in Las Vegas Outbreak. For Greene the only person that matters the most to him is his daughter and hence he decides to dote her. Here is the complete Chuck Greene Costume Guide that gamers would love to look forward to.


Chuck Greene Jacket

This is perhaps the biggest inspiration for the high-speed bikers and hence called Chuck Greene Yellow jacket. Realizing the response, Black Leather Jacket brings an amazing replica jacket based on the original print.


Chuck Greene Jeans

Chuck Greene Jeans (Product Page)

Chuck Greene wears black colored jeans with the yellow jacket that gives an amazing combination. Hence to complete the looks, this black jeans is an essential aspect of Chuck Greene Costume Guide.  


Chuck Greene Shoes

Chuck Greene Shoes (Product Page)

Chuck Greene wears black colored shoes below the black jeans and yellow jacket. Altogether, these give a cutting edge appearance to the wearer and something to brag about for a long time to come.

Chuck Greene Gloves

Chuck Greene Gloves(Product Page)

You can’t have a complete looks of Chuck Greene without the inclusion of Racer Gloves. As mentioned above he was a two time motto champion, hence he wears the gloves which looks intimidating.

Chuck Greene Belt

Chuck Greene Belt (Product Page)

Dead Rising 2 Costume Guide cannot be considered complete without the addition of the  belt. This one is also an epic part of Chuck Greene dressing attire.

Chuck Greene Chain Saw

Chuck Greene Chain Saw (Product Page)

In order to battle the zombies, Chuck Greene carries with him a chain saw. Of Course this is a dangerous item that cannot made available. However you can get a replica from the toy gun store, so that to avoid hurting.   

Chuck Greene Zombrex Syringe

Chuck Greene Zombrex Syringe (Product Page)

Chuck Greene Zombrex Syringe is the last thing that cannot be ignored. There is a reason why I have linked is because Chuck Greene used to cure his lovely daughter with this syringe.

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