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Cobra Kai Costume


Kids nowadays are interested in sports and activities. Karate is one of them. Cobra Kai is certainly promoting this Cobra Kai Costume idea of activity for our generation. Cobra Kai is an action comedy-drama TV Series, which is based on The Karate Kid movie. The first season was released on the 2nd of May, 2018, followed by the second season on the 24th of April, 2019. The Karate Kid characters are appreciated for the skills that they have learned. Along with the excellence in Karate, you can witness that every kid has been dressed tremendously. Wouldn’t it be something amazing if you can get your hands on the same costume?

When you start with a sport, the first thing to focus on, after your skill – is your attire. The apparel that the Karate Kid has been attired with is surely appealing. You can now get your hands on the same outfit from cobra kai merch that would make you replicate their courageous look. Learn on some new moves of Karate and indulge yourself in the passion of this sport! Check out the details of the costume below, and grab the Cobra Kai costume right away!

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Uniform

Cobra Kai Uniform

To replicate the look of the Karate Kid from Cobra Kai, this is your chance to grab on! Once you have your hands on this Karate uniform, the World is yours to compete with! The uniform comprises of a vest and a pant. The fabric of the costume is a polyester/cotton blend. On the vest, you can witness a fist patch on the left side of the chest, which is embroidered with the text ‘NO MERCY.’ The pant has an elastic waist, which makes it easier to be worn along with a great fitting. The costume is available in black with a yellow border on the closure of the vest.

Karate Kid Bandana

Cobra Kai Bandana

When you get yourself indulged in a sport, you make sure to avoid any distractions! Your hair can be one of those. To replicate the look of the Karate Kid, get your hands on this bandana, which could hold your hair back whilst you perform some of your intense moves. The bandana is available in black with the signature logo of Cobra Kai right on the front. The material of the cobra kai bandana ensures comfort and a perfect fit. It has breathable fabric and absorbs sweat.

Thus, to replicate the look of the Karate Kid from Cobra Kai, this is your catch! Choose this apparel for the upcoming Halloween party, and gear yourself up in an attire that no one would’ve even thought of! Be the center of attention with a costume that would make you look charming! And once Halloween is over, you can wear this costume to your regular Karate classes and learn some new moves along with the new outfit. Trust us! This is what you must grab onto right away because this is your chance to fulfill your fanhood!