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A Comparison between Suicide Squad and the Dark Knight Joker Costume

Joker Costume

Joker is an evil character who despite having no super powers, everyone knows how devastating he can be. He has an endless rivalry with the Batman for almost seven decades or even more and is the intriguing one to watch. In fact, without the existence of Batman, there is no Joker, because both are counteractive towards one another. The psychopath has several stories with him and how an ordinary person named turns into a most cynical individual of the Arkham history. Here at Black Leather Jacket, we give you exclusive Joker Costume collection of the Joker from all his appearances starting from the latest one, the Suicide Squad.  Whether it is Jared Leto or Heath Ledger, the appearance of Joker has never looked any better than these.

suicide squad joker costume guide

Suicide Squad Joker Costume Guide

The iconic character has a changed appearance in the recently released Suicide Squad featuring Jared Leto. The psychopath character is not in any way similar to what was portrayed by previous versions, and he looks more demented than its predecessors. He is more like a clown prince, whereas the earlier versions were more like a cartoonish trickster, psycho bad hat, or a dark crime lord. Here is a look at Jared Leto’s version of Joker featured in the movie, Suicide Squad.

suicide squad joker coat

Suicide Squad Joker Coat

How can we forget about the iconic Joker coat made from alligator skin faux leather? Jared Leto wearing this coat has made it very intriguing to watch. The elegantly designed coat has got the audience buzzing, and the purple color completely blows away other characters present in the movie, as far as appearance is concerned.

suicide squad joker mask

Suicide squad joker mask (Product Page)

The first part of the Joker Costume from Suicide Squad the movie comes in the form of Joker Mask. Honestly, if you want to have a Joker appearance, you have to have the looks and facial representation. Hence this mask provides you the reason to be as bizarre as Joker’s appearance, and no one can catch you off guard.

suicide squad mouth piece

Suicide squad mouth piece (Product Page)

While we are still discussing the eerie appearance of Jared Leto as Joker in the movie Suicide Squad, how can we forget about his mouth piece? It is something that attracts everyone every time there is laughter or smile on his wicked face. A replica of it is available at Amazon, and is ideally designed for with the approach of one size fits all.

suicide squad joker costume kit

Suicide squad joker costume kit (Product Page)

It takes a lot more than just mere appearance to look as promising as the Joker especially the wackier body art. The solution is not too far behind as here is the link to Amazon providing the costume kit of Suicide Squad.

suicide squad joker trouser pants

Suicide squad joker trouser pants (Product Page)

Unlike the usual trouser pants, the Suicide Squad’s Joker costume has a uniquely designed one. The satin fabric trouser has a Navy Blue color with Arkham text printed on its left leg. You can find the replica from Ebay

joker walking skull stick

Joker walking skull stick (Product Page)

It is all about having a classic style statement as far as the Suicide Squad’s Joker is concerned. The skull stick he possesses is a highly attractive. A replica of the Joker gold made stick is available at Amazon. This is the thing to try out and look stylish for Halloween season.

joker tuxedo suits

Joker Tuxedo Suits

Besides garbing his classic alligator skin Joker Costume, Joker also has appeared sexy wearing various other outfits. These include three tuxedo suits of black, gray and white colors, in which the Joker seemed superb also known as Mr. J.

joker black tuxedo suit

Joker black tuxedo suit (Product Page)

Even though this one is featured with a wicked smile on the face of Joker, it certainly is a masterpiece. This one is an inspiration taken out from the original Joker from the Comics, and Jared wearing it in Suicide Squad makes it marvelous.

joker’s white shirt

Joker’s white shirt (Product Page)

Inside the miraculous black colored tuxedo, is the plain white shirt worn by Jared Leto while he was escaping from the bar with his girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

joker white tuxedo vest

Joker white tuxedo vest (Product Page)

When Mr. J is busy talking to a guy at a bar, he is wearing a white vest and appears to be a dynamic personality altogether. This vest is available at Amazon in cotton fabric

joker black tuxedo bow

Joker black tuxedo bow (Product Page)

You now have a black tuxedo suit with a white shirt and white vest, but the appearance is still incomplete without the Bow. Available in Pink color, the fabric for this classic masterpiece is satin, which looks nothing short of attractive.

joker black tuxedo boutonniere

Joker black tuxedo boutonniere (Product Page)

Boutonniere is an exclusive part of Black Tuxedo as seen in the comics as well as the movie, Suicide Squad. The flower designed Boutonniere takes Mr. J’s appearance to the next level with all the swag on offer.

joker black tuxedo shoes

Joker black tuxedo shoes (Product Page)

With all the classic appearance on offer, how can we forget the ever attractive Black shoes, worn with the black tuxedo? The shoes are also available exclusively on Amazon and is an exceptional masterpiece to complete the overall appearance.

joker golden watch

Joker golden watch (Product Page)

Mr. J’s killer style does not end there by any means without the classic golden watch to make him a real hotshot.

 joker golden bracelet

Joker golden bracelet (Product Page)

In the movie, Suicide Squad, the Joker or Mr. J as he would like to be called wears a classic golden bracelet. Featuring the skull and dice, this one certainly is a masterpiece, available online .

joker skull ring

Joker skull ring (Product Page)

Joker Skull Ring is hard to ignore featured in the movie, while Mr. J is at a bar with his princess Harley Quinn. This classic masterpiece with studded diamonds and golden color is also available .

joker gun holster

Joker Gun Holster (Product Page)

The exclusive Black Tuxedo suit is incomplete without his classic Joker Gun Hostler. While at the bar he is talking to an unknown person, one can clearly spot his gun hostler.

joker suicide squad

Joker Suicide Squad Grey Tuxedo Costume

Jared Leto portraying as Joker in the movie Suicide Squad was also seen wearing a gray tuxedo costume, while he was in Arkham Asylum. Even though questions are being raised about the appearance of Joker, however, no one can deny that whenever he appeared, he set the stage on fire with his unusual look.

joker grey tuxedo coat

Joker grey tuxedo coat (Product Page)

While meeting his girlfriend Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn, the Joker is seen wearing the gray tuxedo jacket. The Grey Tuxedo Jacket is available on Amazon/eBay, which looks incredibly classy wear altogether.

joker grey tuxedo red shirt

Ark Knight Rises Joker (Product Page)

The Grayish color tuxedo is included with the red shirt worn by the Joker while he was meeting Harley Quinn. The cotton fabric shirt has been the demand of everyone since featured in the movie Suicide, Squad.

The rest of the costume of the Suicide Squad’s Joker is same as the Joker Black Tuxedo. This sums up the collection of Suicide Squad’s Joker, which is nothing short of intriguing altogether.

 dark knight rises joker

Dark Knight Rises Joker Costume

Now here comes yet another fascinating character of Joker from the movie the Dark Knight Rises. He is known for his classic white face with red color all over his face and his purple colored costume.

 dark knight rises joker mask

Dark knight rises joker mask (Product Page)

If you want to look like the Joker, all you have to do is to be the one and only wearing the Joker Mask. No one will know whether you are the real one or someone who can surprise them out of nowhere, wearing a Joker mask.

dark knight rises joker suit

Suicide squad joker coat (Product Page)

The Purple colored suit is the hallmark of the Joker featured in the movie the Dark Knight Rises. The Joker looks extremely serious and impressive in his classic suit but has a sense of humor like no other. This suit is a highly attractive one, available at Amazon.

dark knight rises joker vest

Dark knight rises joker vest (Product Page)

Besides his classic suit, the Joker is also seen wearing Green colored vest, which is yet another attractive piece of the outfit.

dark knight rises joker hexagon shirt

Dark knight rises joker hexagon shirt (Product Page)

Inside the vest, the Joker wears a hexagon designed shirt in stone gray and blue color pattern. This is also exciting to watch and visible under the vest.

dark knight rises joker neck tie

Dark knight rises joker neck tie (Product Page)

How can we forget about the necktie of Joker that completes the upper appearance of the Joker in Dark Knight Rises, the movie? You can find this attractive piece of apparel in high-quality polyester, available at Amazon.

dark knight rises joker pants

Dark knight rises joker pants (Product Page)

The character of the Joker from the movie Dark Knight Rises is incomplete without the presence of the Joker Pants with chain. The blue colored chain is something very exciting to wear if you are a fan of Joker and want to adapt his persona.

dark knight rises joker socks and shoes

Dark knight rises joker socks and shoes (Product Page)

The socks and shoes complete the overall appearance of any person and Joker is no exception to the rule. In the movie the Dark Knight Rises, the shoes and socks are highly attractive and are driving the people crazy. This sums up the entire collection of the costume guide for Joker from Suicide Squad and the Dark Knight Rises.

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