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A Comprehensive Costume Guide for Walking Dead TV Series

Life is all about ups and down, and it never stays the same way. It is all about managing your way from the difficulties by hook or crook. Dealing with the most uphill battles is the name of the game to survive and emerge from the depths of hell every time. All it takes is blood, sweat, and tears to achieve the desired results. However, success is never guaranteed at any instant; sometimes life gets tougher than what you already have on the plate. And at the end of the day, it is either to quit or live to fight another day.

The principal characters from the comics appear in the TV series, Walking Dead, Episode 16. Negan seems as a leader-savior alongside Jeffery Dean Morgan. Negan is a person with villainous traits who loves borrowing the weapons the hard way. He is known for his fiery attitude and his intimidating personality that forces everyone to lose the hope of survival against him. Here is a full list of accessories worn by Negan making his appearance completely dominating one.


Negan Costume

The Walking Dead Costume of Negan


Negan Leather Jacket

Negan Leather Jacket

Negan Leather Jacket is something that drives the audience crazy with its unique dressing sensation. The uniquely designed Walking Dead Season 6 jacket is ideal for the motorcycle lovers and is nothing but an exceptional one to have.  The attractive black color of the jacket is what makes it stand out among the other apparel worn by other characters.

Long Sleeve Bamboo T-Shirt

Long Sleeve Bamboo T-Shirt (Product Page)

Besides the classy jacket, the other things worth mentioning is the Long Sleeve Bamboo T-Shirt. The T-Shirt available at Amazon is known for its quality fabric and made from cotton fabric.

Negan Satin Scarf

Negan Satin Scarf (Product Page)

The persona of Negan is said to be incomplete without the classic Negan scarf. This is really essential piece of apparel that brings out the rouge personality of Negan.

Leather Shotgun Shell Cartridge Belt

Leather Shotgun Shell Cartridge Belt (Product Page)

The character of Negan is incomplete without Leather Shotgun Shell Cartridge Belt. The chained bullet vials are something that brings the best out of the character of Negan.

Negan Chino Trouser

Negan Chino Trouser (Product Page)

Another thing that matters the most is the Chino Trouser available at Amazon. Negan trouser is ideally suited for the style especially with the white Bamboo T-shirt and the black leather jacket.

Negan Buckle Belt

Negan Belt (Product Page)

Negan Buckle Belt is what completes the look of Negan while he wears all the other accessories. The belt too is available at Amazon at a classy price like you never thought before.

Negan Boots

Negan Boots (Product Page)

Without boots your personality is incomplete, and Negan seems to be no different. Negan boots are specifically designed to create a persona just like Negan.

Negan Barbed Wire Baseball Bat

Negan Barbed Wire Baseball Bat (Product Page)

Negan Baseball Bat with Barbed Wire is something that is the hallmark weapon for Negan. This is what creates a frightening persona in him. He is a bully who knows no limits and hurts his opponent in the worst way possible.

Daryl Dixon Costume

The Walking Dead Costume of Daryl Dixon


Daryl Dixon Vest

Daryl Dixon Vest

Perhaps the hallmark of the Walking Dead series is the Daryl Dixon vest worn by the actor Norman Reedus. The rejection from the society forced him to lead a life of an apocalypse, wearing his classic Daryl Dixon Vest. Everyone likes the classic vest with the wings to show the world, their angel side.

Daryl Dixon Crossbow Roleplay Weapon

Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon (Product Page)

Daryl Dixon Crossbow Roleplay weapon is something to watch out for this season and makes the character impressive. The Roleplay weapon is available at Amazon for all the Daryl Dixon fans.

Daryl Dixon Shirt

Daryl Dixon Shirt (Product Page)

Inside Daryl Dixon’s classic Vest, there is a shirt, also available at Amazon at remarkable prices. The shirt comprises of Cotton Fabric and is ideal to wear this season especially for the fans of Daryl Dixon.

Daryl Dixon Tactical Pant

Daryl Dixon Tactical Pant (Product Page)

No personality is ever thought to be complete without the pants. The Dark Brown Daryl Dixon Tactical Pant is the demand of the hour for the Daryl Dixon and Walking Dead fans. The pants are also exclusively available at Amazon at an attractive price.

Daryl Dixon Red Boot

Daryl Dixon Red Boot (Product Page)

The red colored Daryl Dixon boots are the demand of the hour because of its lifetime reliability, comfort, and toughness.  The red wings designed on the boots makes it a super cool and completes the overall appearance like Daryl Dixon. The best part about the boots is that they are water resistant and allows you to travel almost everywhere including camping and shooting.

Daryl Dixon Leather Knife Sheath

Daryl Dixon Leather Knife Sheath (Product Page)

Finally, Daryl Dixon’s leather knife sheath is something that completes the overall persona of Daryl Dixon in the series, Walking Dead. This high-quality knife sheath is sealed with hot wax and also composed of tanned cowhide.

Daryl Dixon Belt

Daryl Dixon Belt (Product Page)

The belt of Daryl Dixon is the final piece of the entire costume of Daryl Dixon in the Walking Dead Series. It certainly completes the entire dress code of Daryl Dixon and makes him look like a complete dominant character of the series


The Walking Dead Costume of Rick Grimes


Rick Grimes Jacket

Rick Grimes Jacket

The Walking Dead series has featured so many great apparels that speak for itself, Rick Grimes Jacket being no exception to the rule. It is something distinguishing and appealing and famous throughout the world due to its attractive appearance. One must say it is everything a winter apparel should look like, due to classy design.

Rick Grimes Fitting Jeans

Rick Grimes Fitting Jeans (Product Page)

Rick Grimes fitting jeans are also best suited with his jacket and shirt mentioned above. It is composed of Cotton Fabric with Zipper Closure and comprises of five-pocket design. The jeans are very relaxing, and custom fitted, easily washable with the Washing Machine.

Rick Grimes T-Shirt

Rick Grimes T-Shirt (Product Page)

Rick Grimes T-Shirt is also a part of the of Rick Grimes character’s classic costume. The T-Shirt comprises of Seamless rib at neck, taped shoulder-to-shoulder and is available in 50% polyester. This is what Rick Grimes wear the jacket besides the shirt mentioned above.

Rick Grimes Boots

Rick Grimes Boots (Product Page)

Rick Grimes Boots completes the overall personality of Rick Grimes alongside all the accessories involved. Available in Chocolate Brown color from Amazon, it is known for its quality leather sole and comfort inside.

Rick Grimes Gun Belt

Rick Grimes Gun Belt (Product Page)

The Gun Belt of Rick Grimes is the final thing you can ask for besides his entire costume. The length of the belt is approximately 18.5 cm, and the product is available on eBay. This is something that officially completes the appearance of Rick Grimes.

David Morrissey Governor Costume

The Walking Dead Costume of Governor

Governor Leather Jacket

Governor Leather Jacket

The final character of the legendary Walking Dead Series is the Governor David Morrissey. People are going berserk for the classic Governor Jacket due to its cutting edge approach. Its features include genuine leather outer with inner viscose lining. Furthermore, the front comprises of buttoned closure with shirt style collar. The two front flap pockets and premium stitching completes the great looks of the David Morrissey jacket.

David Morrissey Eye Patch

David Morrissey Eye Patch (Product Page)

David Morrissey eye patch is a part of the legendary persona of the Governor David Morrissey. The high-quality eye patch worn by the Governor in the Walking Dead Series is available at Amazon.

David Morrissey Black Shirt

David Morrissey Black Shirt (Product Page)

Inside the jacket, Governor David Morrissey wears a black shirt that suits his dazzling personality. David Morrissey shirt comprises of 40% Polyester and 60% Cotton with buttoned cuffs and Shirt collar.

 David Morrissey Black Jeans

David Morrissey Black Jeans (Product Page)

The persona of the Governor cannot be considered as complete without his classic Black Jeans. The fabric of David Morrissey Jeans comprises of cotton with five pockets design and zipper closure.

David Morrissey Belt

David Morrissey Belt (Product Page)

Finally,    David Morrissey Belt is also something that completes the entire persona of the Governor. The highly intriguing David Morrissey Belt is made of genuine leather with 54 inches height and 2 feet width. There is a two hole perforation with Nickle finish buckle that completes the overall appearance of the Governor. Overall, the whole collection of Walking Dead TV series is a surprising addition to your persona.

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