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Dread Pirate Roberts Costume

Dread Pirates Roberts Costume__Pirates surely fascinate us all. Dread Pirate Roberts is one of the fictional characters that has been portraying the character of a Pirate in the legendary novel, The Princess Bride. The Pirate is considered to have a ruthless and powerful personality and is feared across the seven seas. He is well known and reputed to take no prisoners along. The apparel that Dread Pirate Robert has been attired with is a cliché gear that a Pirate is geared in. Grab this astounding apparel of Dread Pirate Robert and cherish the look of a Pirate for the upcoming Halloween party.

Pirate Roberts Headgeardread pirate costume

Dread Pirate Roberts Headgear

Pirates are known for their goofy attire. The headgear for a pirate is as crucial as a mask for a superhero. The black headgear is available for you to grab on, which is made of 100% cotton and has a heavyweight cotton twill. It’s a terry cloth sweatband which is about to give you a perfect Pirate look. It has wider tall ties and a centerpiece flap. So, what are you waiting for? This is what you need to carry a perfect Pirate look!

Pirate Roberts Mask

dread pirate costume

Dread Pirate Roberts Mask

The Dread Pirate Robert carried the look of a Pirate in an immensely tremendous manner. The mask that he was attired with can now be added to your wardrobe. The mask is in the classic black color is paper mâché. The mask has ties that could be knotted to give you a perfect fit. The mask is essential for a Pirate to get hold onto.

Pirate Roberts Shirt

dread pirate costume

Dread Pirate Roberts Shirt

The shirt that Dread Pirate Robert has been carrying while portraying the character of a Pirate is an essential gear that a Pirate must hold. The Pirate shirt is made of poly-cotton blend and is in the classic black color with a lace neckline. The sleeves have a frilly look that every Pirate’s shirt does. It is one fancy shirt and could be used for any casual gatherings.

Pirate Roberts Trouser

dread pirate costume

Dread Pirate Roberts Trouser

The trouser is made of 100% polyester, which could be paired along with the black pirate shirt. As Pirates tend to have a spooky personality, they blend their attire in black for a serious and frightening look. The trouser has an elastic waistband and two pockets to keep your hands warm. Grab this trouser and complete your attire as a Pirate.

Pirate Roberts Gloves

Dread Pirate Roberts Gloves

The gloves are claimed to be an essential accessory that a Pirate must get hold on to. The gloves are made leather and can be availed in black color. The gloves have an extra-long gauntlet which covers your hand with a firm grip. The padded palm is to maximize comfort for your hands along with an elasticized waist. The gloves give you a complete Pirate look along with comfort.

Pirate Roberts Belt

Dread Pirate Roberts Belt

The belt is made of high leather quality and is to accessorize the black trouser that the Pirates are seen in. The belt is in the cliché black color with a silver metal buckle that has a firm hold. Grab this black belt and accessorize your attire as a Pirate. When it comes to imitating the look of a Pirate, every detail matter.

Pirate Roberts Leather Sword Frog

Dread Pirate Roberts Leather Sword Frog

Like a Pirate, you must have a frightening look over the people. Gearing up with a sword as your weapon is what the Pirates accessorize with. Get your hands on this leather sword frog which has an adjustable lacing for a perfect fit. The sword frog is about 8’’ overall and gives the best look when geared up with a black trouser.

Pirate Roberts Satin Sash

Dread Pirate Roberts Satin Sash

The Pirates are seen with the most exotic and unique outfit. The black apparel, along with a satin sash is what the Pirates attires in. Get your hands on this satin sash; black. The finishing of the sash is fine, and every detail is keen. You can add this sash to your costume and enhance your Pirate’s look for the day!

Pirate Roberts Boot Tops

Dread Pirate Roberts Boot Tops

A single look can identify the boots of a Pirate! The Dread Pirate Roberts Costume boots are available in black color. These astounding boot tops are made of polyester with a perfect size to fit all adults. These tops enhance the look of your boots as these are placed at the top of the boots which accessorizes your footwear. The boots have a lace closure which boosts up your costume by polishing your trousers and your boots. You can wear these over your regular shoes, and the tops will give you a boot look. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these boot tops and cherish the look of a Pirate!

Pirate Roberts Sword

Dread Pirate Roberts Sword

A Dread Pirate Roberts Costume without a sword? Nah! Get this tremendous piece of weapon and complete your look like a Pirate for the costume party this year! The sword is made of carbon steel and has a shiny surface with a glossy plate. The sword is 100% handmade and has a metal scabbard. The wire-wrapped the handle of the sword enhances the look of the weapon and gives your attire the perfect Pirate look. It is 39’’ long and is suitable for the adults to handle it with care. You are ready with your Pirate look for the upcoming Halloween party!

Thus, Dread Pirate Roberts look can now be easily imitated by the costume mentioned above guide. Just grab over the particulars and gear up in the adventurous attire of a Pirate. Get along with your friends and wear this costume of a Pirate to a costume party. The Pirates are set to have a fear across seven seas, and with this astonishing apparel, you can get the same look as Dread Pirate Roberts. So, grab this costume before it runs out of stock and replicates the look of a Pirate that you have been craving for since long.