East-Coast Vs West-Coast – All You Need to Know

East Coast Vs West Coast Rappers

Hip-hop music is often called as rap music and it originated from South Bronx communities during the 70’s in New York City. At that time, it comprised of four main elements: rapping, scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing. With the passage of time, hip-hop genre gained gigantic popularity in all parts of the nation. People openly adopted this unique style and further ‘spun’ their cultural values in it. As a result, causing a regional breakdown.

What is Rap Music or Hip-Hop?

Rap music is everywhere in this modern age. There have been countless records releasing yearly that are in one genre or the other. Rapping has always entertained every listener of every age and influenced to either speak the words that the artist used or just imitate that style. Rapping is about the flow and the tone that the lyrics are delivered in while rhyming each line.

East Coast Vs West Coast Music

Comparing both the regional styles of hip-hop music gives us the following idea:

East Coast Hip-Hop music has multifarious lyrics as its priority. This calls for attentive listening rather than beats for just moving on the floor. East coast hip-hop tends to focus on deeper and more intellectual lyrical content. The big names in rap music are still active today, whether they are producing or rapping. Some of the famous personalities of East Coat Rap is Jay Z, Nas, Run DMC, Lauryn Hill, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Lil Kim and the late Notorious B.I.G. to name a few.

West Coast Hip-Hop is more commercial and focuses on partying, chilling out and being blasted on streets. Its lyrical content has aggressive delivering methods because the ‘gangsta rap’ background has heavily influenced them. As compared to the east coast, the west coast rappers have been more popular and successful in the commercial business because of their style. Some of the famous rappers are Ice Cube, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Game, MC Hammer, Tyga and the late Tupac.

Big Giants: Pioneers Notorious BIG And Tupac

Speaking about the late artists like Notorious BIG and Tupac, they have something in common. Both became one of the pioneers of rap music in the golden years and both were assassinated in gang wars. When you are producing music that gets controversial about the streets or hinting at a certain gang’s behavior, it gets risky to roam on the streets. Their deaths came through a drive by shooting incident that resulted to be too fatal. Gang wars have always been like this, even until today in certain areas of USA.

During the last three decades, there has always been a competition of producing. It was a battle between underground and commercial, lyrical and catchy gangster wordings. And, who can come out on top by maintaining the same style. In this east and west rivalries, both sides have their strengths but at the end east overtakes and wins over the west. However west can be credited for bringing hip-hop to large audience and engaging white people in this music. However, since west lacks by producing raw music and shallow lyricism, East coast hip-hop is remembered in our hearts even until now.

Today’s Era Of Hip Hop:

Today, both eastern coast hip-hop and western coast hip-hop music is widely listened and striving to produce classical music that can standout globally. It is not possible to declare a certain winner but music from each side wins heart in their respective lanes.

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