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Get The Amazing Personality of The Warrior with Elder Maxson Coat

Elder Maxson Costume Guide

Released under the banner of Bethesda Game Studios, the theme of the game Fallout 4 is related to the post apocalyptic era. Set on the year 2267,  the birth of the character of Arthur Maxson. The story itself is a legendary one featuring nuclear Holocaust in the Commonwealth. Arthur Maxson is the only son of Roger and Jessica Maxson got a legendary persona from a very early age. He got tutored with the Elder Owyn Lyons, after his father passed away while serving in the battle. Here Maxson learned valuable lessons from the tutelage that led him to become the leader at a very early age. His crush Sarah got killed soon after Elder Owyn Lyons died. He also introduced Brotherhood of Steel and started wearing an exclusive coat. Here is the complete Elder Maxson Costume Guide that defines his dressing style.


Elder Maxson Coat

Elder Maxson Coat is an exceptional style statement portraying the traditional Brotherhood of Style. This amazing apparel has grabbed the attention of all the gamers throughout the world. The best aspect of the coat is the armor protection on the lapel and Brotherhood insignia on the right shoulder.

Elder Maxson Belt

Elder Maxson Belt (Product Page)

The attractive belt worn by Elder Maxson is another thing worth mentioning in the costume guide of Elder Maxson.

Elder Maxson cotton pants

Elder Maxson Cotton Pants (Product Page)

Elder Maxson wears an alluring cotton pants that combines with the trademark Maxson Coat. The greyish pants enhances the personality of the Arthur Maxson and brings all the best in him.    

Elder Maxson Gloves

Elder Maxson Gloves (Product Page)

The gloves are also part of the costume guide of Elder Maxson making him look phenomenal. This amazing apparel has been the hallmark of the costume guide of Elder Maxson.

Elder Maxson Shoes

Elder Maxson Shoes (Product Page)

The amazing costume guide cannot be considered complete without the belted shoes. The phenomenal shoes worn by Elder Maxson is worthy of attention.

The classy appearance of Elder Maxson is the reason why the gamers are glued with the Fallout 4 game. Specially the most talked about feature of this epic game is the trench coat that drives everyone insane with his action and style like no other.

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