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Ever Famous & Extremely Comical the Mask’s Costume Collection

The mask is considered as the famous comical character emerged in the 90’s with a unique flare of humor and supernatural abilities. He quickly became widely famous because of his sidesplitting acting and unorthodox fighting styles. Appeared first in the comic books, then it made its way to the cartoons where it got huge success, and then after the Mask movie it got enraged attention and attraction from all the crazy character fans around the world.

The Mask Jim Carrey ( Product Page)

This sharp yellow fancy dress is the signature outfit of the Mask’s character, as he is largely known for this fancy intrigued apparel. It’s eye-catching color and stylish fabrication makes it a first choice for all casual & fancy dress enthusiasts.

Yellow The Mask Fedora Hat (Product Page)

This yellow deluxe hat is creatively crafted with diligent design and pure class fedora styled fashion which awards this hat a very refined smoothing outlook. And the black striping on the hat creates more contrast and makes it even more entrancing in look.

Jim Carrey Green Mask (Product Page)

This green mask is regarded as the magical mask which gives the actor Jim Carrey superpowers as soon as he wears it on. So it is designed in the same manner that it looks same exact to that and gives right sorceress anticipations.

White and Black Polka Dot Tie (Product Page)

This retro classic polka dotted necktie is a finely crafted replica of the Mask’s character which he attires on his impeccable yellow sorceress suit. It is very trendy and classy necktie that could easily be put on any dress.

Black and White Classic Dress Shoes (Product Page)

Well if you want to grab on something classical styled and elegant in design, then this Mask inspired black and white shoes are the perfect choice to take on. It looks very vogue and trendy that could be wear on any suiting.

So if you are a diehard Mask fan and want to attire crazy outfits like him, then this costume collection is what you need to take advantage from. All the above defined apparels are crafted with high dedication and with exact styling so that it brings creative inspiration and elusive personified looks in you.




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