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The Alluring Costume Guide of Final Fantasy XV’s Cindy Aurum

Final Fantasy Cindy Costume Guide

Final Fantasy Cindy Costume Guide: Final Fantasy XV is an eye popping game that has got the attention of the gamers throughout the world. There are many characters in the game and the plot is more related to humanity than friendship. The other two factors being the legacy, and destiny that matter the most for the characters. Final Fantasy XV involves so many characters, but no one is in comparison with the attractive Cindy Aurum.

Cindy Aurum works as a lead mechanic working in Hammerhead Garage and loves what she does. In the game she is responsible to take care of player’s car and upgrading and customizing it.Cid Sophiar is the owner of Hammerhead and grandfather of Cindy.


Cindy Cosplay Hat (Product Page)

Let’s start with the orange cap worn by Cindy Aurum that looks phenomenal. The attractive design featured in the game is attention grabbing.


Cindy Jacket

Perhaps the most attention grabbing aspect of all time related to the Final Fantasy XV game is the yellow leather jacket worn by Cindy. Especially it is loved by the girls and thus many can be seen wearing it in the cosplays. This yellow jacket is available for sale at Black Leather Jacket at a price like no other.

Cindy Aurum Cosplay

Cindy Aurum Cosplay (Product Page)

Besides the wonderful jacket worn by Cindy, the gloves and goggles are also worth mentioning aspect.

Cindy Denim Shorts

Cindy Denim Shorts (Product Page)

Cindy wears denim shorts with the yellow colored jacket that looks amazing all the time. Hence the reason why she has a wonderful outlook and a sexy personality.

Cindy leather holster

Cindy Leather Holster (Product Page)

The leather holster is a majestic aspect of Cindy’s costume guide is her leather holster. The attention grabbing details included in it are worth mentioning giving her a marvelous outlook.

Cindy Boots

Cindy Boots (Product Page)

Cindy is a beautiful character but her beauty is incomplete without these creamy boots. They not only are essential for wearing but also kicking in the gut whenever she seems necessary.

Cindy is known for her revealing personality that includes a yellow colored jacket, orange bikini, jeans shorts, brown belt, gloves and high boot heels. The personality of Cindy is a funny one but is always serious related to her work ethics. Hence, she calls herself as a person married to work, although she possesses a very attractive face. Even though she got a very tough life in the early childhood, but that doesn’t change her attitude towards life and she thrives on being happy and content.

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