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Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn and Poe Dameron Costume Guide

Finn And Poe Dameron Costume

In the newest film of Star Wars The Force Awakens, Finn and Poe Dameron share the same type of jacket. Although slight color difference maybe noticeable, the film returned with a better story after three decades to bring the star wars fans to a newest galactic system with famous Poe Dameron Costume.

Finn Costume Guide

finn costume guide

Finn Costume Items

Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn Jacket is inspired by: Character “Finn”. Movie: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Worn by: John Boyega, Material: Genuine leather/ Faux leather, Lining: Viscose, Color : Light Brown, Quilted design element on back, and fine Stitching. there are lot and lots of costume to buy while Finn is fans favorite.


finn jacket

Finn Jacket

Finn Black T-shirt

Finn Black T-shirt (Product Page)


Finn Cargo Pant

Finn Cargo Pant (Product Page)


Finn Blaster

Finn Blaster (Product Page)

Finn Light Saber

Finn Light Saber (Product Page)



Finn Black Boot

Finn Black Boot (Product Page)



Star Wars Poe Dameron Costume

star wars poe dameron costume guide

Star Wars Poe Dameron Jacket Inspired by: Movie Star Wars; The Force Awakens, Actor: Oscar Isaac, Character: Poe Dameron, Type: Jacket, Material: Faux Leather/Real leather, Color: Antique Beige, Front Velcro closure, Metal buckle, Subtle stitching. Poe Dameron is like none of the below while it is all time favorite among fans and cos-players.

Poe Jacket

Poe Jacket

Poe Dameron Shirt

Poe Dameron Shirt (Product Page)


Poe Dameron Cargo Pant

Poe Dameron Cargo Pant (Product Page)



Poe Dameron Helmet

Poe Dameron Helmet (Product Page)


poe dameron belt

Poe Dameron Belt (Product Page)



Trust me when I say this, you never lived if you have not wore Finn or Poe Dameron jacket. With all their costume guide it has become more and more exciting in the new days being a star wars fan, may lit a little debate between the old and new age fans of star wars.

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