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Death Stranding Fragile Costume

Action games have always been in demand. Death Stranding is one of the classiest action games that is to be released on 18th of November, 2019. This is the good news for the PS4 owners because this game is about to release for Play Station 4. The game is composed in an open world, with the functionality of multiplayer. The game has a connection between life and death and is considered to be the successful action game in history. Fragile, is the main character of the action game, with the affiliation of Fragile Express. She is surely the girl crush for our generation. Fragile has portrayed the qualities of being intelligent and effective in a meaningful manner. The Fragile Death Stranding Costume that she has carried out in the game is something that every girl must-have. The sexy yet classy attire is what you must have. The details of the Fragile Death Stranding costume are listed below:

Death Stranding Fragile Leather Jacket


Fragile Death Stranding Jacket

The astounding leather jacket that Fragile has been attired within Death Stranding is incredibly astonishing. The jacket is made of real leather with metal rectangular shaped button closure. The black leather jacket is given contrast with a touch of blue stripes, which makes the jacket even more irresistible. The name, Fragile is embossed on the right sleeve and below of the shoulder. The affiliation of Fragile Express is imprinted on the chest on the left side. The leather jacket has a zipper pocket on the waist, which gives it a classier look. This black leather jacket is a must to have. Imitate the sexy look of Fragile by getting your hands on this classy leather jacket.

Death Stranding Fragile Skinny Trousers

Fragile Death Stranding Pant

Fragile Death Stranding Pants

The character of Fragile is portrayed with attitude and sensibility. The character has been given a sexy outfit, which comprises of a leather jacket along with a pair of skinny trousers. The trousers are made of faux fur and have a striped design. The pencil pants are slim fit and give you the look of Fragile from Death Stranding. Get your hands on these sexy skinny pants and utilize them in your daily routine as well.

Death Stranding Fragile Gloves

Fragile Death Stranding Glove

Fragile Death Stranding Gloves

The accessories are an essential need that an action game character possesses. Fragile has been attired in a complete black sexy look, which couldn’t have been completed without the black gloves. Grab these black gloves made of faux leather, to match with your black leather jacket and skinny trousers. This is the look that you must imitate this Halloween, as Fragile will be the classiest character of 2019. The gloves certainly enhance the look of a gaming character, as they are the trendiest personalities that people adore.

Death Stranding Fragile Boots

Fragile Death Stranding Boots

Fragile Death Stranding Boots

These astounding stitch tall boots complement the apparel of Fragile. The gear that Fragile has adapted for the action game is something to drool about. Her costume reflects the classy personality of the character. The girl in black is what you can name her. As her affiliation, Fragile Express, she tends to be dedicated and intelligent. She knows how to get things done. The character has been wearing these stitch tall boots along with the skinny trousers. The boots are made of 100% leather with a silver buckle at the top. The low heel gives your body the same posture that Fragile has portrayed in Death Standing.

Death Stranding Glasses Case

Glasses Case

Fragile Death Stranding Glasses Case

The glasses case is one the accessory that Fragile has got the hold of. The case is made of premium vegan leather from the exterior and soft microfiber from the inner side. The case allows you to hold your glasses with a firm grip. It’s a dual eyeglasses case, which allows you to store your glasses separately, and safely. The case has a carabiner hook, which allows you to hang it to a loop.

So, don’t wait up anymore, and grab this astounding Fragile costume right away. Fragile Death Stranding Costume is about to be the classiest action game, that will ever be released.

Death Stranding Snap Hook Key Ring

key ring

Fragile Death Stranding Key Ring

Fragile has been holding this snap hook key ring in the game. The key ring is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with oxidation processing. The key ring is in black with a contrast of silver, that gives it the same look like the originals.