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Get a Personality of a Warrior with Genesis Rhapsodos Costume Guide

Genesis Rhapsodos Costume Guide

We have already covered two of the major characters related to Final Fantasy i.e. Cindy Aurum and Squall Leonhart. Here is another inspiration from the game Final Fantasy VII called as Genesis Rhapsodos Costume Guide that will grab your attention. The character is known for obsession with the poem LOVELESS, and many people believe he started reading when he was very young.

Genesis Rhapsodos is a first class soldier and has tremendous skills including stamina,  speed, agility, superhuman strength, and reflexes. Whether it is magic or melee weapons, he knows how to get it done and his biggest war ally is his exclusive red colored sword. Here is the complete Genesis Rhapsodos Costume Guide that you cannot afford to miss out.

Genesis Rhapsodos Wig

Genesis Rhapsodos Wig (Product Page)

The first thing related to Genesis Rhapsodos is his wig colored in brown color. This wig can be bought from Ebay and is available for all the fanatics of Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy Jacket

How can you forget about the classy trench coat worn by Genesis Rhapsodos. Black Leather Jacket brings to you the exclusive replica trench coat on the demand of the diehard gamers.

Genesis Rhapsodos Costume

Genesis Rhapsodos Costume (Product Page)

Underneath the classy trench coat is the full suit worn by Genesis Rhapsodos. Ebay is the place to buy the full suit and is designed for the fans of Genesis Rhapsodos and Final Fantasy VII.

Genesis Rhapsodos Shoes

Genesis Rhapsodos Shoes (Product Page)

To complete the dressing style Genesis wears black colored shoes boot that looks amazing. In order to get a complete makeover you need to have Genesis Rhapsodos Shoes Boot.   

Genesis Rhapsodos Weapon

Genesis Rhapsodos Weapon (Product Page)

Last but not the least is the attractive Sword replica by Genesis Rhapsodos. Just like the Squall Leonhart’s gunblade, it is recommended that you use plastic or cardboard sword to avoid getting hurt.

This brings us to the end of the Genesis Rhapsodos Costume Guide featured in the game Final Fantasy VII. You can have a persona like no other wearing this exclusive masterpiece and get a rocking persona as a return.


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