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Green Arrow Costume Guide Get Ready to fight with the bad guys

Green Arrow Costume

Arrow is a notable American TV arrangement, composed and produced by the Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim, and Greg Berlanti. Green Arrow is a hero among heroes of DC Comics wearing his iconic Green Arrow Costume. The original name of Green Arrow is Oliver Queen who was a playboy known for his wealthy status, however, his life came to a drastic change once his ship was wrecked in an unknown island. In the second season, he decided not to do any harm to anybody and also he decided against the killing of criminals. However, in the fourth season, he was presented as Starling City’s epic hero who was after Damien Darhk and his terrorist organization. He uses bow and arrow as his iconic weapon of choice to hunt down the bad guys.

Green Arrow Costume Guide


Green Arrow Vest (Season 4)

Green Arrow Costume Perhaps the most attractive apparel of the season IV Arrow is the classic Green Arrow Leather Vest with the appearance like no other. The vest is designed to such perfection that it is exactly according to the original. The vest is composed of real leather with class apart specifications including the appearance itself. Hence by wearing this vest, you too can feel like a force to be reckoned with, available from Black Leather Jacket.    


Green Arrow Hoodie

Black Leather Jacket brings to you the exciting Green Arrow hoodie jacket exactly like the one shown in the TV series Green Arrow. Starling City is under the threat of the criminals and  Stephen Amell, portraying the role of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, wears his classic Green Arrow Hoodie jacket.

face mask of green arrow

Face Mask of Green Arrow (Product Page)

Masks have always been the part and parcel of superheroes arsenal and Green Arrow is no different. This what that defines them who they really are and help them to keep intact their original identity. Face Mask of Green Arrow gives Oliver Queen a great persona, without having to reveal the real person inside it.  


Stephen Amell Leather Pants

The Green Arrow Costume is incomplete without the iconic pants crafted from real leather. The classic pants are available at Black Leather Jacket, at an astounding price.

green arrow gloves

Green Arrow Gloves (Product Page)

Gloves are also known as protective gear worn to save from injury, dirt and cold, as far as hands are concerned. The leather gloves cover the hands of the Green Arrow Costume made from leather featured in the TV series Green Arrow, accessible from Amazon.

iconic weapons of green arrow

Iconic Weapons of Green Arrow (Product Page)

Green Arrow is known as expert archer, who is known for his trademark arrow and bow. Hence, for this purpose, he likes to be known as Green Arrow. The bow and arrow in his arsenal and his green colored hoodie makes him known as Green Arrow, who has duty on his hands to save the Starling City.

green arrow boots

Green Arrow Boots (Product Page)

No matter who you are, you cannot have a complete persona, until and unless you wear boots to complete your appearance. Green Arrow boots have stolen the show that help him chase and hunt down the bad guys.


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