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Han Solo Costumes give you a chance to be like the scoundrel hero

Han Solo Costumes

As far as heroics are concerned, Harrison Ford is a class apart example of how a legend looks like with his classic Han Solo Costumes . He has two decades of dominance in his arsenal and is known for his significant role in the Star Wars prearrangement. There is a reason for his dominance because without his appearance, which series will seem meaningless.
Han Solo is reputed to get his twist off motion picture in a couple of years. All things considered, no one can overlook Han Solo and the epic dialogues like no other. This Halloween season, Han Solo promises to show the world, why he deserves to be a part of this historic venture. Here is a comprehensive guide to his styling sensation from all the series of Star Wars, starting with the latest ones.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Costume Guide

Harrison Ford has never looked better in the reprised role of Han Solo in all the series of Star Wars, the latest one being Han Solo costumes within itself. Here is a look at the Star Wars: Force Awakens grand costume collection starting from Han Solo Jacket.


Han Solo the Force Awaken Jacket

Usually, you won’t witness Han Solo wearing leather jackets, as far as Han Solo Costumes are concerned.  He is mostly featured in a vest and Parka. The Scoundrel hero’s latest jacket is a classic touch design that speaks for itself, hence has become increasingly in demand.

han solo the force awaken shirt

Han solo the force awaken shirt (Product Page)

If you are a fan of Star Wars: the Force Awakens Han Solo Costumes, you will fall in love with the most staggering designed shirt. Harrison Ford wore this classy shirt one that has got the glimpse of the audience with its first appearance with shirt style cuffs and stand up collar.

han solo the force awaken pant

Han solo the force awaken pant (Product Page)

This pant is indistinguishably the same like Han Solo Costumes wear in The Force Awaken film. Han Solo uses to wear calm and straightforward pants with his outfit that makes him feel great. The pants of Han Solo are composed of polyester material and is an ideal for Han Solo fans to have.

han solo the force awaken belt

Han solo the force awaken belt (Product Page)

Additionally, Harrison Ford is seen wearing Han Solo Costumes the Force Awaken Belt besides the gun holster. Various individuals have been seen wearing this classic belt, but it doesn’t get any better than Han Solo.

han solo the force awaken holster

Han solo the force awaken holster (Product Page)

To keep his standard blaster, he does need a gun hostler, a similar version of it is available at Amazon. He wears it alongside his belt and is made from genuine leather with the droid caller included.

han solo the force awaken blaster

Han solo the force awaken blaster (Product Page)

While we have discussed the signature hostler of Han Solo, how can we forget his epic blaster from the Force Awakens movie? The gun is available at Amazon at an attractive price in plastic, slightly different from what was shown in the film.

han solo: the force awaken boots

Han solo the force awaken boots (Product Page)

The boots of Han Solo are up to knee high length with the zipper closing on the sides. The boots of Han Solo are available in faux leather, ideal for Halloween season.

han solo black jacket

Han Solo Black Jacket

The reprised role of Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a remarkable one that comprises of not one but two jackets. Han Solo Black Jacket brings out the rakish sensibility and is available in genuine and faux leather.

han solo new hope costume

Star Wars: A New Hope Han Solo Costumes

Han Solo has featured in the main editions of Star Wars including “A New Hope” in which Harrison Ford has shown his class with his classic costume. Here is an exclusive look at his awe-inspiring apparel from Star Wars: A New Hope


Han Solo Vest

The cotton material vest is featured in the fourth edition of Star Wars named as the New Hope. The vest features include four front pockets to keep the belongings safe.

han solo the force awaken shirt

Han solo new hope shirt (Product Page)

Inside the vest, Han Solo is a white colored shirt with V-neck collar, best suited for the cosplayers. Han Solo shirt from the movie Star Wars: New Hope is ideally designed to provide easy breathing and is soft to touch.

han solo new hope pouch

Han solo new hope pouch(Product Page)

The New Hope costume of Han Solo is incomplete without Han Solo Pouch that carries his blaster and droid caller. The hostler is attached to the belt, composed of high genuine leather and designed according to the original.

han solo new hope belt

Han solo new hope belt (Product Page)

The classic look of Han Solo seems improbable if he doesn’t have his belt alongside him. Originally made from genuine leather, with a bar buckle, its strap is soft and smooth.

han solo blood stripes pants

Han solo blood stripes pants (Product Page)

The blood red stripes pants of Han Solo is featured in the movie “The New Hope,” which is a beautiful masterpiece. A replica of Han Solo pants from the movie “The New Hope” is available at Amazon.

han solo blaster

Han solo blaster (Product Page)

You cannot complete the persona of the ‘Scoundrel Hero,’ until you hand him his epic DL44 Blaster featured in STAR WARS: A New Hope.

han solo boots

Han solo boots (Product Page)

Boots complete the overall persona of every man, and Han Solo is no exception to the rule. Han Solo boots are classy part of apparel of Han Solo featured in New Hope.

han solo blaster leather belt holster

Han solo blaster leather belt holster (Product Page)

Last but not the least is the Han Solo’s belt and hostler available at Amazon in Brown color and X-Large size. The buckles and rivets with attached pouches make it look completely outclass piece of apparel.

han solo empire strikes back costume

Han Solo Empire Strikes Back

Finally, it is time for Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back featuring Han Solo, once again appearing in a classic outfit. Here is a list of things needed to look exactly like the Scoundrel Hero of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

han solo navy blue jacket

Han Solo Empire Strikes Back Jacket

First of is the Han Solo Navy Blue jacket worn by Harrison Ford in the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The breathtaking jacket is what drives everyone crazy, available on Black Leather Jacket at an astounding price.

han solo white shirt

Han solo white shirt (Product Page)

Inside the Han Solo Navy Blue Jacket, is the white shirt, worn by Han Solo, identical to he wore in the previous series.

han solo blaster leather belt holster

Han solo blaster (Product Page)

The leather belt Holster Holster is the hallmark of Han Solo in every series of Star Wars, and this is no exception either.

han solo empire strikes belt rig

Han solo empire strikes belt rig (Product Page)

Another fantastic piece of apparel is the Belt Rig of Han Solo from Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back. The stylishly designed belt rig is composed of genuine leather with a fashionable yet sophisticated metal buckle

han solo boots

Han solo boots (Product Page)

This brings us to the costume guide of Han Solo with his leather boots available at Amazon. The color of the boots are black with zippers on each boot on the sides, hence considered as the perfect outfit. There is no doubt that no one can look as classy as Harrison Ford as far as the entire Star Wars is concerned.

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