Han Solo’s Costumes Throughout The Era


The character of Hans Solo is the actual spice of Star War series which has been portrayed by a very talented and legendary actor Harrison Ford. He is highlighted throughout the successions because of his marvelous acting and deadly performance. His tragic end in this series Star wars: The Force Awaken, sorrowed every heart and left the unforgettable moments of his retentions in minds. But his character will always be remembered in our memories. Let’s have a look to Han’s carryout throughout the era.


The stunning hero in Star Wars: A new hope released in 1977, made his place for the very first time in the minds of audience by his actions while fighting against the Galactic Empire.


The next series entitled as Star wars: the empire strike back has been pictured in a snowy environment portraying as frozen moon “the Hoth” blended with romance, new thrills and features dominantly the tauntaun. Hans costume was almost the same with slight variations from the 1st series, moreover his style is ever green. He wore the admirable blue jacket with combination of white shirt and navy blue pant which gave more dauntless effects to his character. And definitely how we can forget about the holster.


The 3rd series Star wars: Return of Jedi, reveals the capture of Hans and then their escape from the rebel, with the assistance of princess Liea and Luke. Hans was disguised the same at few places but used another brown coat also. Oh yeah! One thing more to add the difference of theme which is a forest this time.



After the Jedi let’s talk have a fast ride and we are reaching directly to the roundabout of Star wars: The force Awaken, a recent release in 2016. It seems like we have travelled through a time machine, many things have changed. The journey of 30 years has been passed from the 1st series. All the characters and dynamics have been changed now. Hans is older now, Princess Liea and he met again. The villain is more powerful and stronger. Hans has disguised a very ravishing outfit this time the brown colored jacket having bullet epaulets at front with stunning magnetic button closure. But his previous jacket is still remembered in a new style. The force awaken jacket can be yours at our site black-leather.com


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