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Imperial Costume Guide

Star Wars certainly has a great fanhood behind! The epic space opera media franchise has been an interest of the fans, which is created by George Lucas. The series of Star Wars has gained a lot of popularity which ultimately expanded into several other media like TV series, video games, novels, and comics. The fictional idea behind the concept of the movie starts with a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! The plot of the Star Wars includes human, aliens and robots co-existing in the galaxy.

The Imperial Guard or Imperial Royal Guard are the names of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. These guards are supporting antagonists in the series of Star Wars. Their only purpose was to serve protection to Emperor Palpatine from any threat. The Imperial Guards are known to be as the most elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire and are the most protective warriors that one could ever have. The costume that the Imperial Guards have been attired with is surely the most attractive. Check out the details of the entire apparel of the Imperial Guard, and get yourself something sizzling for the upcoming Halloween party!

Star Wars Imperial Guard Robe and Helmet


Imperial Guard Robe and Helmet

As the Emperor’s Royal Guard, the soldier tends to attire in apparel that could define their dedication along with the defensive touch. We’ve seen the Imperial Guard Costume disguised in complete red apparel from head to toe. You can grab this hot red robe along with a helmet to replicate the Imperial Guard’s look.

The red robe is made of a super deluxe quality robe which has a full length and a loose grip to keep you comfortable. Being a guard surely includes a helmet in the apparel, and so does this as well. The red collector’s edition helmet perfectly matches the robe and gives you a complete soldier look. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it, right away!

Star Wars Imperial Guard Staff

Star Wars Imperial Guard Staff

The staff carried by the Imperial Guard is what defines their designation and authority. As a soldier, holding a staff along with long-disguised apparel gives you a look that you deserve. The staff is made of sturdy injection-molded plastic.

Get hold of this stuff along with the apparel of the Imperial Guard and get your complete look as the Emperor’s Royal Guard for the upcoming Halloween party. Move along to protect the Emperor and act all-natural with the best Imperial Guard Costume!

Star Wars Imperial Guard Boots

Star Wars Imperial Guard Boots

The boots are available in red color, which perfectly matches your apparel. The boots are 100% humanmade with a synthetic sole. The boots have a smooth surface on the outer side with a glimpse of shine. The heel is approximately 1’’ which gives you the right posture of a soldier.

So, are you still thinking of getting this costume or not? Stop thinking and grab it right away! This is the best a Star Wars fan could ever have!