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Live to Fight with James Heller Costume Guide

James Heller Costume Guide

James Heller is a previous Sergeant of the US Marine residing in Manhattan, New York along with Amaya, his daughter and Collette his wife. In an attempted mission of Suicide while facing Alex Mercer, Heller was infected by the virus by him. Hence, Heller decides to take revenge and relentlessly finds out Mercer and his black watch and Blacklight virus. The gamers are amazed with the style statement of James Heller and want to acquire it. Hence, bring the exclusive James Heller Costume Guide for the fans of Prototype 2 game.

Prototype Jacket

The first thing that is the hallmark style of James Heller is his jacket that is nothing short of attention grabbing. For the fans of Prototype 2, a replica jacket is available for sale at Black Leather Jacket.

James Heller Gloves(Product Page)

This is one of the greatest attraction of the personality of James Heller besides the jacket itself. The Prototype 2 glove is available at Amazon at an amazing price.

James Heller T shirt (Product Page)

The black T-shirt is worn by James Heller below the jacket and is a simple one. This wonderful T-shirt at Amazon at majestic prices.

James Heller Jeans(Product Page)

To complete the style, James Heller wears a blue jeans that looks phenomenal alongside the Black T-shirt and the jacket.

James Heller Belt (Product Page)

To have an exact appearance like James Heller, you must also have a belt that looks identical to the original. Amazon is the marketplace that provide all sorts of apparels and accessories, including the belt itself.  

James Heller Boot (Product Page)

The last part of James Heller costume guide is the black shoes that looks simply amazing. Hence complete looks like James Heller can only be completed with the inclusion of shoes.

James Heller Costume Guide is an alluring one and it certainly has something for everyone. Black Leather Jacket is the ideal destination for Games Jacket. The best part of the website is that shopping is made simple with craftsmanship and expert customer service.

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