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Jimi Hendrix Costume

jimi hendrix costume

Jimi Hendrix– the guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1942. Jimi had a disturbed childhood; his mother was 17 years old when she had him. And his father wasn’t in good terms with his mother, therefore left the family after two more kids.

He was keen to learn music since his childhood, and thus learned to play guitar when he was a teenager and turned out as a rock legend who was a pro at playing electric guitar. He was a rock performer for the audience. ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is one of the most popular performances that he gave at Woodstock in 1969. Unfortunately, he got indulged in drugs and lost his life in 1970 due to health complications.

Woodstock Costume

Jimi Hendrix WoodStock Costume

Jimi Hendrix was an American rock guitarist, singer and a songwriter. He has been marked as one of the most influential guitarists in the history of music. Apart from his talent of music, he also gave his fans another reason to adore him; his dressing sense. Jimi has been attired with the most classic and funkiest outfits during his performances. The apparel from one of his most memorable performance at Woodstock certainly got an immense fanhood. You can check out the details of the costume and grab it right away.

About the Costume

The costume that he geared himself up while performing, The Star-Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock is surely something that every Jimi’s fan would love to own. The costume comprises of a baggy blue shirt with a V-neck accompanied by a brown fur vest. The shirt is made of 100% polyester, and the vest is front open with fine stitching and a cowboy look.

As for bottoms, Jimi has chosen funky striped bell-bottom pants in multi-color. The afro wig is a must to replicate this look. As any look can never be said as perfect without focusing on the details; the headband with feathers and peace pendant necklace is just what you need to grab on. The necklace has a black cord with an attached peace silver pendant, and the feathers headband has decorative beads attached to the string and opens and closes with Velcro. The black sunglasses will give you the perfect look of Jimi Hendrix. Be the first one to get this unique legend to look for the upcoming Halloween.

The look of Jimi Hendrix can now be replicated easily with the costume mentioned above guide. How cool it would be to dress up as the most influenced guitarist of history for this Halloween. So, what are you even waiting for? Grab this opportunity and get ready with the look of an artist!

Right on Hippie Costume

Jimi Hendrix – the most popular and influential guitarist of history, still lives alive in our hearts! The American guitarist, songwriter, and singer are claimed to be the greatest instrumentalist of rock history. Wouldn’t fans love to replicate his look along with his persona and charm? Well, if you want to, then this your chance to grab this opportunity and imitate the look of your adored artist. We completely agree that Jimi has not only set up some astounding music goals for us in only four years of his career, but he has also given us some amazing fashion goals as well. Check out his right on the hippie costume, which was adored by the audience when he performed live at Woodstock.

About the costume

The cowboy look was surely pulled off by Jimi Hendrix in his live performance at Woodstock. His look comprises of white V-neck shirt which is made of 100% polyester. The shirt has a loose grip which ensures comfort. The shirt is accompanied along with a faux suede vest in brown, which has fringe all along the bottom.

Furthermore, as a lower, the apparel comes along with a blue bell-bottom that has an elastic waist and has a perfect fit. The pants have patched sewn, which gives a funky look to his persona. Now, as details do matter when it comes to imitating the personality of a celebrity – let’s not forget that Jimi didn’t go for any sneakers this time, he chose moccasins to wear! The moccasins are made of faux suede with a polyfoam sole and fringes attached to it. The afro wig is a must to go with, and so is the brown bandana with fringes at the end.

Thus, to imitate the funkiest look of Jimi Hendrix, this is the chance that you mustn’t miss out. Keep the guitarist alive today by getting a hold on to his look and charisma. Don’t wait up, grab the costume of Jimi Hendrix before it gets out of stock. This is what a real fan has always dreamt of; avail this chance or else you’ll regret big time!

Five Facts of Jimi Hendrix’s Life

The following are five of the facts that Jimi Hendrix’s fans would love to give a read:

  • He listened to his dreams

Jimi Hendrix was inspired by his dreams a lot. He used to compose his dreams into music.

  • He wasn’t able to read music

When asked by a musician, whether or not he can read music, he replied with a clear ‘No.’ He preferred to play songs by ears and communicate them with words or colors.

  • He played his guitar upside down

Oh, yes, you heard it right. He used to play his guitar upside-down and also with his teeth. He was also able to play the guitar behind his back along with without touching it!

  • He was abducted once

After a show at The Salvation, in Greenwich Village, he accompanied a stranger to get cocaine with. But, instead of getting high, he was kidnapped, and a good ransom was demanded his release.

  • He played backup for quite big personalities

Jim Hendrix played for big names as a backup, including Ike and Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Little Richard, and The Isley Brothers.