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Justin Bieber Intentions Costume Guide


Justin Bieber is one of the most celebrated singers of our time, one who is loved by the people of all ages and one who has inspired several people in various ways. The reason why we are talking about Justin in terms of the affect that he has had on people’s lives is because of one of his recent songs from the 2020 album changes called Intentions. If you go and take a look at the reactions of people when they heard this song, the first thing that comes out is the fact that his intentions (quite literally) behind this song seems to be very pure. Apart from that, it is a fact that when a celebrity gives a social cause the kind of attention that it deserves, people also follow their footsteps and try to do something for people who are struggling but not giving up.

Another thing that we loved about the music video and the lyrics of the song is the fact that in no way did Justin or his team tried to make the people feel bad about themselves. It was more like a conscious effort which he made in order to blend in. This song will definitely be a special one by him and we all appreciate the way he has tried to make an impact. This is why we think it is necessary to have a complete costume guide for Justin Bieber in Intentions. I mean if you are planning to have a Justin look, there is nothing better than doing it the way he did in Intentions. So, without further ado, lets take a look at the list of things that you would be needing in order to complete this task:

Justin Bieber Intentions Hoodie:


Justin Bieber Intentions Hoodie

Well, obviously, how can you rock a look without getting the first and most significant thing needed for the look. Justin did wore a couple of hoodies in this song but we all know that the main look that has now stuck in our mind when we think of this song is the one where he is wearing this amazing red hoodie that is so classic that not having it in your wardrobe would definitely not be something you would like. Hence, in order to start off with the Justin Bieber Intentions look, the very first thing that you would need is this hoodie!

Justin Bieber Intentions Cap:


Justin Bieber Intentions Cap

Once you have settled on the hoodie and would now want to move on to the next part because let’s be honest, if we are doing this costume, we better do it completely, with every single detail. Hence, the second thing on the list is this beanie that you can see Justin wearing along with the red hoodie. If you have seen the video, you would know how perfectly the beanie goes with the hoodie and so it is a very necessary part of the costume.

Justin Bieber Intentions Earrings:


Justin Bieber Intentions Earrings

Needless to say, Justin Bieber definitely has some great ideas for his piercing every time he dresses up. This is the reason why we couldn’t ignore the perfect unisex hoop earrings that he has acquired for this specific look. These hoops are available in different sizes, although the one that Bieber is wearing are the smallest ones. So, if you have a piercing and you would want to completely own this look, the hoops are a significant part of the whole look!

Justin Bieber Intentions Pant:


Justin Bieber Intentions Pants

Now that you have covered the very significant parts of the costume and the minute details, you might as well be looking for a pair of jeans like the one that he has acquired in the music video. Well, these are the denim jeans that you need to get along with the hoodie. The colour is great and will go perfectly with the whole outlook, so what are you really waiting for?

Justin Bieber Intentions Sneakers:


Justin Bieber Intentions Sneakers

Last on our list is the thing that comes last when dressing up as well. What kind of shoes you wear defines your whole taste in fashion. Well, in this case it won’t be an issue because you can get exactly the same shoes that Justin was wearing in the video, and so you don’t have to worry about the question that do they go well with the outfit or not. So stop waiting and get these at your earliest to complete this amazing look!