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Karl Lagerfeld Leather Jacket Review.

Karl Lagerfeld Leather Jacket Review

What is Karl Lagerfeld?

When we watch movies and shows and we love how the artists perform, we mostly also note how well they are dressed. While appreciating actors is necessary, it is also significant to appreciate the artists who work very hard in order to generate all these creative ideas. Karl Lagerfeld was one such creative person of our times who was a multi-talented person and who achieved so much in his life by giving his fans what they most look for. His sense of fashion was phenomenal and so the brand by his own name, Karl Lagerfeld is one of the things that we admire, and that people are benefitting from even after his demise. The store is known for clothing and other accessories as well, although we would specifically be talking about the leather jacket that the brand offers!

How do I order a Karl Lagerfeld Leather Jacket? 

known and well received as well. They have their key locations in Paris, New York, Moscow, London, Dubai and Shanghai. However, since it is a well spread network, they do entertain over 96 countries worldwide when it comes to online store. Hence, if you want to order a Karl Lagerfeld Leather Jacket, you can simply go on their website and then go on the option of selecting your region in order to identify if whether your country is on that list or not.

What if there is an issue with My Product?

Karl Lagerfeld care about their customers satisfaction and since you will be paying a hefty amount for the purchase, you also get great customer service. They have proper procedure for placing your order and tracking it and the same is the case if you have to return/exchange the product. There is a return form which you need to fill and submit within fifteen days of the arrival of your package and once you submit the form, you also get a return number through which you can track your process. However, there are set rules on what the condition of the product should be in order for it to clarify for a return. These policies are described in detail on their page and we would recommend you to go through them before placing your order!

Shop Black Leather Jacket:

Black Leather Jacket believes in providing quality products at affordable rates. We understand that having a leather jacket is more of a requirement than a luxury in our times. Hence, in order to complete this mission, we provide different sale offers throughout the year so that our customers can buy great quality product at a reasonable price. We also believe in being specific and trying to provide a variety of options in a specific product (i.e. jackets) only so that the quality is never compromised, and people can benefit at a larger rate. Additionally, customer’s satisfaction is what we thrive for and so any issue faced whatsoever is given the top priority so that our customers never have to face any difficulty.

What it is Like to Have a Karl Lagerfeld Jacket?

Karl Lagerfeld is definitely a brand which is much known than any other stores in the world of clothing. Hence, owning a Karl Lagerfeld Leather Jacket definitely feels like a luxury. However, like any other store, you need to go through all the options available and then decide which one is your favourite. The one that you would want to go with and the one that may fit your budget as well. Here, we have selected our top options for both Men and Women so that you can have some idea of what options you can explore.

Top Picks:

  1. Biker Jacket: for both men and women, one of the best leather jacket options available at Karl comes in biker jackets. They are stylish, minimalistic, comes with a Karl Lagerfeld tag, and have a great overall outlook. It has large lapel collars which gives a sleek look, along with which there are metal zippers used for pockets and front closure. Also, the classic black colour and the open hem cuffs go perfectly with the overall look. Additionally, they are made of pure lambskin leather and since Karl Lagerfeld is a trusted brand, you don’t have to worry about the quality as well.
  2. Leather Moto Jacket: another option to look up to specifically in leather jackets is the moto jacket for men. It is available in black colour and has notch lapel collars. The details of the jacket include angled zips and metal snap studs. It is made up of 100% soft leather and has the logo in white on the sleeves. Lastly, it also has three jetted pockets with zips at the front

How to Care for It:

When you decide to get a leather jacket for yourself, you need to know that it won’t be easy, and it is not like any other accessory that you usually buy. Especially if you are getting a high-end brand jacket such as Karl Lagerfeld, you need to be extra careful because you wouldn’t want to invest such high amounts and then let it go in waste after a few months. While leather jackets usually last for a longer period of time, it is only your care and effort that will make it a life-time partner of yours.

Pros and Cons:

Like any other brand, it is certainly not possible for Karl Lagerfeld as well to be perfect. Hence, we have come up with some notable pros and cons that you may find beneficial to go through before making your final decision. Basically, these are pointers that you should know prior to ordering your product from the brand.


  • Quality: Since the brand was established by the very creative Karl Lagerfeld himself, the quality was assured at that time and since now it is quite a huge name, the team works religiously towards keeping things as they were in the presence of the ultimate founder. So, this is one of the things that you can be sure of when it comes to Karl Lagerfeld Jackets.
  • Customer Service: again, having a name such as they have, require you to be more receptive and forth coming in general. Hence, Karl Lagerfeld follow the rules and have set policies for any and every inconvenience that may be caused during the purchase. so, if you have carefully read through all their policies, it wouldn’t be a problem for you.


  • Cost: having a jacket from a brand like Karl Lagerfeld certainly comes with a price, especially in leather jackets. Even after getting a certain discount, the price tag looks a lot more than what you would have to pay for any other trusted online store, that deals specifically in jackets. This brings us to our next point which is:
  • Deals in everything: Karl Lagerfeld is a brand which deals in Men, Women and Kid’s clothing, along with other accessories as well. Because of this, you may not be able to get a lot of options in leather jackets which you may easily get at stores which are made for leather jackets only.


We have listed all the facts and figures that you would want to know before making the final decision for your leather jacket purchase. Hence, we would just say that you should go through all the possible options, do your research and then finalize the one that you think is best for you!