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The Best Katana Costume Guide

Katana Costume

Word ‘Katana.’ has a meaning, it is what we call the curved sword which was used by the Japanese Samurai way back in the medieval ages. Right now we are debating about a different thing but it is also related to the sword. The one we are here talking about is called Tatsu Yamashiro. She is a superheroine among a bunch of supervillains that has appeared in the Suicide Squad movie of this year is where she makes her feature film debut. There are many other Suicide Squad costumes but here we are focusing completely on the Katana costume. Her powers are that she is a great martial artist, a highly trained samurai warrior and she has a sword that has the ability to capture the souls of the ones that it kill.

Suicide Squad Katana Costume Guide

katana jacket

Katana Jacket

If you are fan of Harley Quinn Jacket you might also would like to have Katana Jacket. If we talk about Katana, she would definitely want to have a jacket that makes her look dead and burn, not crash and burn, of course, these features in the jacket which is provided above, from Black Leather Jacket. From the outside it is crafted from PU leather while internally viscose lining has been used. This fabulous jacket also has two pockets which can be made use of as you need.

katana mask

Katana mask (Product Page)

Katana knows all gameplays and she wears a mask with the Japanese flag symbol on it. The note is important because the roots of Samurai and the sword and all emerged from the signifying country of Japan. Get your copy of Katana costume with this mask and other things after.

crop tank top

Crop tank top (Product Page)

Under the Katana Jacket comes this plain crop tank top. The product which has been linked is an excellent mimic of the actual one. It is resistant to tearing, and it should be kept away from water as much as possible if you are to retain all of these features. This is a great under appeal top to fit the costume over your body.

katana red belt

Katana red belt (Product Page)

This is just like an accessory like this Pyramid studded HQ Belt, but that does not neglect the importance of both the items. Get it now to make it a part of your Katana costume before it spills off the stock.

katana fingerless gloves

Katana fingerless gloves (Product Page)

These gloves have many similar properties to these Blue and Red HQ Gloves which are beautiful in their own way. Anyway, so after you have done cosplaying her, you can use these for any other purpose which you like. The best protection with the black PU leather gloves is very reliable.

katana pants

Katana pants (Product Page)

Harley Quinn takes care of it by wearing Blue and Red Shorts which do not interfere her vicious role at all. While the pants of Katana fit her in PU leather material. So overall, comparing the price with the features you are getting you can say that this is surely a steal.

katana sword

Katana sword (Product Page)

If you wish to complete all Katana objects in fighting strong only a sword like this one can do all that with a pin drop silence; this is why we as DC Comics fans have been delighted to see the deadly assassin Katana wielding a weapon designed at first for the game that she does play. The sword which is used for swordplay practice as well if demands.

katana burgundy boots

Katana burgundy boots (Product Page)


The concluding item are the burgundy boots. These astonishing colored boots have a good synthetic sole, and a good grip, even on smooth surfaces. These are best ‘military boots’ a ‘Wanted’ brand that provides reliable footwear. Obtain the above items and complete your flabbergasting Katana costume.

Anyway, in the film, she is seen wearing a really badass costume that has attracted a lot of folks to ask whether they can pull off the costume as well. Of course, you can! And we can help you get this faultless Katana look for any forthcoming event that you must have! Just follow the guide as given and you will be like her in no time.

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