How Many Types of Leather Jackets That you can wear On Daily Basis?

leather jacket

When it comes to leather jackets, you would probably want to wear it all day every day. This is the case because most of us have a special connection with our leather jackets and it is like a family member to us, you cannot imagine going out without it. However, it really depends on your type and the kind of environment that you work in as well that which type of leather jacket would be okay to wear on a daily basis. Hence, if you are thinking of buying a new leather jacket that will soon become your best friend, go through this list and see which one is most likely for you to wear regularly and the one that you should probably invest your money in!

1. Biker Leather Jackets: well, obviously the first one on our list is the coolest leather jacket that will probably never go out of fashion. One of the reasons however could be the fact that it is very much needed. Yes, it is true that most of the people who ride a bike would prefer getting this as it is especially made for them, but the style of a biker jacket is so classy that even if you are not a regular rider, you might still want to have one!

2. Café Racer Jackets: as evident by the name, this is another type of leather jacket that is mostly loved by the motorcycle riders. However, the sleek style of this jacket makes it the perfect fit for even a day when you are not on your bike. Café Racer Jackets have been in fashion for quite a while now and if you are looking for an everyday wear, you probably would want to look at this category as well

3. Shearling Jackets: this type is known for a number of benefits that include but are not limited to keeping you more warm, being water resistant, more durable in comparison to others and so on. However, all these qualities do come with a price. shearling jackets can be a little more expensive than the usual leather jackets, but the money is all worth it when it comes to the quality satisfaction that you would get after acquiring a shearling jacket.

4. Double Breasted Jackets: you may not think of this one as the most common types when it comes to leather jacket but if it is your style you can completely own it. Also, it is a classic move to wear a double breasted jacket and not everyone can really pull it off. Hence, people who think that they have that style and that they are confident enough to own it and look stunning while doing so should definitely go for this option!

5. Bomber Jackets: a bomber jacket has a very different style than many on this list. Although, it is not just the style but also the benefits due to which this one has qualified to list of jackets that you can wear on a daily basis. A bomber jacket is very much suitable for places where it is extremely cold, and it often rains as well as a bomber jacket will protect you from both. Plus, another advantage of getting this type of leather jacket is the fact that it is easy to wash and so you wouldn’t have to worry about the process of getting it cleaned.

6. Varsity Jackets: you may think of varsity jackets as one that comes in various materials, which is true to an extent but the reason we have it hear is that they look best when wore in leather. Leather varsity jackets are the ones that gives you a cool teenage vibe but at the same time will also look sexy enough for you to impress anyone you want!

7. Studded Jackets: I know what you are thinking, how can this be on the list of everyday wear right? Well, this is exactly why we said that it really depends on the type of person you are and more importantly the environment that you work in. so, if you work in an environment where fashion is appreciated, a studded leather jacket will speak volumes about your personality and would be fit as per the job as well! Even if you do not work in such environment but have an artistic or creative side to yourself, this jacket might just help you in owning that!

8. Hooded Leather Jackets: this has to be our personal favourite. Well, you may think of them as rare and that hooded jackets might be more common in other materials, but when you manage to get a hooded jacket and that too in leather, it is like a complete package, as if all your wishes were granted! Yes, it feels that amazing to have a leather jacket with attached hoodie, the comfort and the style, it is all there! Hence, if you are in search of a new leather jacket, we would highly recommend you explore this option as well!

9. Slim Fit Leather Jackets: another one on the list is probably the one that would be an all-time favourite of most of you. Although, a misconception about this jacket could be that it looks good only on people with a slim body (because of the name maybe) but that is not true at all. Yes, having a healthy and fit body shape is ideal but a slim fit leather jacket is basically the one that fits your body type the best. It is exactly what a leather jacket should be like! No matter how good a leather jacket is, if it doesn’t fit you well, it is of no use so make sure to keep this thing in mind while shopping for your new jacket!

10. Aviator Leather Jackets: most of you out there have already dream of at least wearing an aviator leather jacket if not being a part of that field. We all love aviator jackets and there is not much to say here so maybe just make sure to get the best aviator jacket when you finally decide to get one because things like this not occur that often!

11. B3 Leather Jackets: another good type of jacket for very harsh weathers, B3 Jacket is a type of bomber jacket which more commonly has warm shearling lining and so it will keep you all heated up in a cold weather. Also, it gives a very sleek look when wore in black so keep that in mind!

12. Collarless Leather Jackets: finally, the last one on our list for today is the cute collarless leather jacket which can be a great partner of yours for everyday wear. Plus, it is different and gives a unique look so you can also rock any party on even a weekday when you have this jacket on!

We hope that this list would have helped you in some way or the other and that now you would have made up your mind as to which type to go with for a leather jacket which will soon become your partner in crime!