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Danger Meets Passion: Marcus Holloway Costume Guide

Marcus Holloway Costume Guide

Marcus Holloway Costume: The game Watch Dogs 2 has been a huge success, since the day it was launched featuring the character Marcus Holloway. He is seen in San Francisco Bay Area and works for the company DedSec, who wants the latest Central Operating System (CtOS) 2.0 completely destroyed. The city he grew up in is known for abundance of crime. We rarely see a black character highlighting as a central feature in any video game and Ubisoft gets the credit of implementing this. In comparison to the first game character, Marcus Holloway is more full of energy and enthusiastic individual. So here is the Marcus Holloway Costume Guide that define the personality of Marcus Holloway.

Marcus Holloway Cap

Marcus Holloway Cap (Product Page)

To begin with the costume guide Marcus Holloway wears a cap featuring DedSec written on it. This actually looks very cool in all regards and without showing his face, he nevertheless has an intimidating persona.

Marcus Holloway Face Mask

Marcus Holloway Face Mask (Product Page)

Like mentioned above this feature brings an appeal of fear, without revealing his true identity. Hence the face mask he wears on the face is same as that of Aiden Pearce’s bringing a cool persona like no other.


Marcus Holloway Watch Dogs 2 Jacket

Marcus Holloway jacket has been in demand since the day the first stills of Watch Dogs 2 featuring him were released. This jacket is known for its attractive appeal and a persona like no other and is selling like a hot cake.

Marcus Holloway Skull Printed Pants

Marcus Holloway Skull Printed Pants (Product Page)

To create more fear in his persona, Marcus Holloway wears skull printed pants in pure black. Also in the ripped denim pant DedSec logo is also printed.

Marcus Holloway Shoes

Marcus Holloway Shoes (Product Page)

At last we come to the concluding feature of Marcus Holloway’s dress code, the shoes. Marcus wears brown colored Footgear that makes the persona an ultimate one.

UbiSoft up the ante this time around featuring black characters like Marcus Holloway. Unlike the norms, they certainly break down the walls built by the society. Blacks are certainly not any less than white and this what the message of the game is perfectly given by UbiSoft in the latest venture.

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