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A Complete Guide To My Chemical Romance Black Parade Costume

My Chemical Romance Black Parade

Of course, everyone search for the costume that will give them a unique appearance and it might be difficult for the visitors to select the costume that looks the same as the character. For the accurate items, people search the websites that offer them fantastic products at reasonable rates. You are definitely aware of the band My Chemical Romance that is known for the great band that was released on October 2006 and becomes famous. Their one of the famous studio album is Black Parade that becomes really popular and sold more than 1,610,000 copies in 2010. Not only the album becomes famous but My Chemical Romance Merch too. My Chemical Romance the Black Parade Costume can be a great group costume. So, what do you think? It will enhance your appearance.

If you think that it is not possible for you to depict a character perfectly, then what you can do is select cosplayers from Instagram and follow them to take inspiration. My Chemical Romance Welcome To The Black Parade costume that we have referred.  It would be a good thing that will help you to change your appearance. Check some examples of below-shown.

MJC black Parade
Source: JIN (behindinfinity)

Jin is a cosplayer with 17.8k followers of him. He is known as the artist, photographer and interested in adventures. Just check his profile, you will find amazing ideas of cosplays that will help you in changing your appearance. He depicts a character by wearing a Black Parade Costume. He posted it on Instagram in November 2016 and got almost 1300 likes that mean people like his cosplays. So, you can also take inspiration from the cosplayers of Instagram.

Black Parade

Kawaii Besu is another cosplayer who loves to portray a character because of his amazing skills. You will find many of the costumes on the profile that has stunned many of the viewers. My Chemical Romance Costume was posted on Instagram on 21 November 2018 and 2,137 get amazed with it and the likes the picture. What is more amazing than this achievement? Another best thing is that Kawaii has 21.6K followers on Insta. You can also follow to find out various cosplays of the character.

Items You Will Need to Cosplay My Chemical Romance Black Parade.

In this guide, we have mentioned all the necessary items that you must need for My Chemical Romance Band Black Parade Costume. All the items that you will find here are made up of finest quality material that will enhance your appearance and you can use it for a long time. What you have to do is, purchase the My Chemical Romance Merch that are available here like character’s wig, shirt, jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes. You might be having a shirt, gloves, and shoes that you can use with your costume.

It’s up to you whether you are going to purchase all the new items or reuse your old items. However, the jacket is one of the necessary things that you surely have to purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Just place your order for the important items that will give you an authentic look of a character.

Facts for My Chemical Romance Song Black Parade

As classy and funky the rock band ‘My Chemical Romance’ is, expecting the best out of them is what the fans do. The band has been cherishing success from their previous albums, but Black Parade, has surely broken their previous records with a bang! Black Parade is the third Studio song by My Chemical Romance, which has been a rock opera. The song depicts the passage out of life and memories that ‘The Patient’ has.

No matter how much of a die-hard fan you are of My Chemical Band, we are here with a few facts that you might not even know. Give them a look and cherish the astounding facts related to your favorite band:

Black Parade was supposed to be the last album of My Chemical Romance

Oh yes, the band has always been looking far into the future. According to the band, they didn’t want to go ahead the title of Black Parade, as it didn’t seem like doing justice to the classic song. However, they did go on and this didn’t happen to put an end to the classic production of My Chemical Romance.

The ‘Famous Last Words’ Injured two of the members of the band

My Chemical Romance started filming for their music video, Famous Last words in 2006. The band was under a pressure to produce the video within two days along with another music video, Welcome to the Black Parade’. While shooting for the music video, their rhythm guitarist, Frank Lero witnessed way tearing ligaments in his ankle due to tackling with the vocalist, Gerard Way. Additionally, the drummer of the band, Bob Brar was placed quite close to the flames, which caused him second and third degree burns on his legs.

The Black Parade was written in a Haunted House

In California, The Paramour is a mansion which is known to be haunted. My Chemical Romance came up with the entire song in that Haunted House. The band witnessed paranormal activities in the mansion, as doors were being banged in their faces, footsteps being heard and someone singing in the house.

The Black Parade changed the concept of death

As death has always been portrayed in a horrifying and painful manner, the band My Chemical Romance have managed to change the concept of death through their song. The song is based on a man who sees his end in the form of a parade.

The Five of Us are Dying’ is what ‘The Black Parade’ was called

The starting title for the song The Black Parade was initially The Five of Us are Dying. The precious title is quite understandable as because of the concept that the album holds, though The Black Parade has been an iconic title for the song.

The cast of characters is distinct

The cast of the song Black Parade, is distinctive from the normal ones. The cast is comprised of ‘The Patient, the one who has been suffering through cancer and is on his deathbed, fearing and regretting. On the other hand, the two women who are accompanying him through his last journey and as for the last one, Pepe, the skeleton.


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