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Noob Saibot Costume Guide


To the fans of gaming! The fictional character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, Noob Saibot certainly has a great fanhood. The male ninja characters of the game are portrayed as black shadows with astounding moves and appearances. Noob Saibot is a playable character in the series of Mortal Kombat and is free to forge his destiny. The look of Noob Saibot can be imitated by grabbing the costume that he has been portraying in the series.

Check out the following details of the costume guide and get a hold on this sizzling costume of a black silhouette to slay in.

Noob Saibot T-shirtnoob-saibot-t-shirt

Noob Saibot T-Shirt

The playable character of Noob Saibot is classified as black silhouettes where Noob Saibot reactive and enslaves the Cyborg ninja Smoke. The character is seen in a completely black outfit. The black t-shirt that could give you the look of Noob Saibot is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The t-shirt has a pull-on closure with comfortable and durable material. The t-shirt is a warm waffle thermal bottom which could keep you warm in cold weather. The t-shirt has full sleeves with rib knitted cuffs and a round neckline. You can wear this t-shirt for any casual gatherings or even for sports.

Noob Saibot Trouser

noob saibot costume trouser

Noob Saibot Trouser

The character has been featured as a ninja in the Mortal Kombat fighting series. The trouser that he gears up in has a soft flowy material which is super comfortable to be worn. The trouser matches along with the black t-shirt. The black trouser has an elastic and drawstring at the waist for a perfect fit. The trouser has a low crotch which gives the ninja look with a full leg for easy movements. The trouser is the best to go with if you will to replicate the look of Noob Saibot. The trouser is lightweight and durable.

Noob Saibot Vest


Noob Saibot Vest

As the character of Noob Saibot is featured as a ninja, the vest is a must to add to the costume. The black vest is made of 1.2 mm cowhide leather which has a custom fit with straps on the waist to give you the perfect look of Noob Saibot. The vest has a removable back protector which comes pre-installed and has a YKK zipper as a front closure. Underneath the leather is an inside liner to give you comfort, which is made of non-allergenic polyester. You must grab this vest asap!

Noob Saibot Mask


noob sainot costume mask

Noob Saibot Mask

Noob Saibot has been attired with a black mask to feature the ninja look. The mask is made of nylon polyester which has a versatile balaclava with a magic headband. The material used to compose the mask is of high-quality and offers durability along with comfort. The fabric of the mask is absorbent and breathable. Gear yourself up in the mask and imitate the look of a ninja!

Noob Saibot Shoes

noob-saibot costume shoes

Noob Saibot Shoes

Noob Saibot has been shown as a ninja character. The shoes that he wears in the game series are 100% leather. They have a comfortable rubber sole and are imported goods. The shaft of the shoes measures approximately low-top from arch. They are basically training shoes along with suede upper containing dual-density collar along with comfortable padded mesh tongue. They have a lace-up closure and a pull-tab at heel. These shoes consist of non-marking rubber outside and a breathable textile lining and EVA footbed.

Noob Saibot Black Studded Belt

noob saibot costume belt

Noob Saibot Belt

Noob Saibot belt is made up of many components, but no components of nickel would be found in it. So, this belt would work completely fine for people who have an allergy from nickel as many people do. One of the best parts of this belt is that it has a unique strap that is pure human-made leather. This strap is decorated with studs and grommets that is approximately 1 and a quarter inches wide, i.e., 32 mm. The trendy design of this belt will attract everyone and would definitely give a good look to the overall outfit so you can slay your look.

Noob Saibot Gloves

noob saibot costume glove

Noob Saibot Glove

Noob Saibot has an amazing ninja costume which helps him hide his identity, to hide his hands he use gloves. These gloves are made up of tremendous high-quality aniline leather which would protect the skin from all weathers. These gloves have ventilation holes which would help your hands to ventilate and would help you to stay sweat-free. These gloves are unlined so you can wear them in high-temperatures as well to protect your skin. These gloves are double-stitched with hook and loop wrist closure, and the elastic on the wrist provides better fitting options. On top of all this, these gloves are unisex, and both men and women can wear it.

Noob Saibot Leather Leg Armors

Noob Saibot Armours

As a ninja, you are always in danger. You need to protect yourself at all costs. These leg armors help Noob to protect legs all costs. The length of these leg armors is 13.25 inch. The width of these from the knee is 11. 125 inch, and the width from the ankle is 7.75 inch. These leg armors are made up of leather and brass, and the conditions of these leg armors are brand new. So, grab one now.

Noob Saibot Arm Guards

Arm Gurads

A ninja needs to make sure his hands are safe so he can fight others, right? Noob also wears arm guards to protect his hands in all conditions. These arm guards are made up of black faux leather – hand made. The length of these armguards from the wrist is approximately 10 inches. These arm guards are made up of the finest material as well as extremely comfortable.

Noob Saibot REED Leather Hides

Noob Saibot REED Leather Hides

This leather hide is a high-quality product. It is made up of 100% genuine finished cow leather. It is approximately 0.8-1 mm thick, or you can say 2.5 oz. This is great leather for all kinds of arts and crafts. This also fits perfectly for all kinds of soft leather garments and accessories.

Noob Saibot Workout Mask

Noob Saibot Workout Mask

This mask is amazingly attractive, black in color, which gives it an extra something. This is highly effective by stimulating high altitudes. It will make you take deeper breaths, which is eventually going to help to toughen your diaphragm and respiratory system. This mask is anatomically made for workout and aerobics. This would prove as a good workout partner for you and would push you until your edge, so you give you all to work out. It helps you overcome fatigue, hardened body, and gives you more energy while exercising.

The fans of Mortal Kombat and especially the fans of Noob Saibot, get ready to rock your attire with the costume of the ninja. So, promote your favorite game series character by copying their attire and in this way, showing them your love. Shop now!