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Organization 13 Costume for Cosplayers Lover

Organization 13 Costume

Square Enix develops the computer game Kingdom Hearts, alongside the Disney Interactive Studios. Organization 13 Costume is an organization of 13 relentless characters who are known as Nobodies with black trench coats hence also called as Heartless characters. The relationship of light and friendship gets overshadowed by the evil and darkness.
The story starts with 35 children with the ninja legacy who get abducted by an unknown organization. At an unknown location, they are rigorously trained as an actual militia. The training was so tough that only 13 of them survived to become Organization 13 individuals. Ansem the Wise was the leader of the Organization with an associate called Xehanort. He was an intelligent person, who liked to get things into his hands. However, Ansem the Wise had other plans that proved to be fatal for the organization.
Ansem wanted to get control of his lost memories and ordered Xehanort to do research accordingly with his team of scientists. However, he soon came to a realization about his unique super powers. Hence he decided not to involve Xehanort in the process anymore. However, Xehanort defied the orders and continued with the research.

organization 13 coat

Organization 13 Coat

Organization 13 Coat is a high-class coat comprises of real leather outer as well as faux leather and is the hallmark of every heartless character regardless of them being male or female. Some of the Organization 13 members were known for wearing asymmetrical zipper style coats. However, mostly it was a coat with front zipper closure and hood attached. The beaded pull strings and the cross chain completes the overall appearance of Organization 13 Coat.

kingdom heart organization 13 wig

Organization 13 Wig (Product Page)

Besides the long hoodie coat, the character of organization 13 costume is also famous for the famous white colored spike haircut. Almost every Organization 13 member is known for white colored hairs alongside the dark hoodie coat. Here is the wig replica of same hairstyle available on Cosplay 1st.

organization 13 gloves

Organization 13 Gloves (Product Page)

Besides the Organization 13 hoodie coat and the wig, another thing that interests the most is the Organization 13 Gloves. These gloves are an essential part of the wear as far as the Heartless members are concerned.

organization 13 boot

Organization 13 Boot (Product Page)

Heading towards the conclusion, the boot is the important feature that completes the appearance of any apparel. Organization 13 Boot is composed of genuine leather with straps on top of the boots. The padded design of the boot is also intriguing to watch. Hence, overall it is a great thing to finish the look of Organization 13 Heartless member.


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