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Silent Bob Costume Guide

Who doesn’t love the fictional character of Silent Bob? Well, the classic persona of Silent Bob has made us fall in love with him. Kevin Smith has portrayed the character of Silent Bob, in Clerks. The personality of the character supports its name, Silent Bob. As the character remains quiet, but when he says something, it is Silent Bob delivers worth listening, Logical and meaningful monologues. The character is distinguished by its smoking habit, the backward baseball cap, classy long coat and a beard along with dark hair. The costume of Silent Bob is considered to be cool and something that you would love to add to your wardrobe. Here you can check out the details of the classy Silent Bob costume:

Silent Bob Coat

Silent Bob Coat

The distinguishing apparel that Silent Bob carries out is this classic green and black long coat. Kevin Smith has carried out this coat in Clerks and many of his hit movies. The coal is completely wool blended, with a front buttonhole open style. The coat represents the exact look of Silent Bob. The long length of the coat along with lower lapel collar and slash pockets is replicating the Silent Bob look vibrantly! The coat has buttoned cuffs and stud insertion. Grab this green and black coat right away, and imitate the classy Silent Bob look.

Silent Bob Short

Silent Bob Shorts

What could be comfortable than gearing up in short? Well, the costume of Silent Bob is allowing you to get your hands on denim shorts. This is not only about to transform your look, but you are also going to feel super comfy! The denim can never fail to enhance your look and personality. The shorts are in faded light blue color, just like the ones that Silent Bob wears. You can now imitate the look of Silent Bob, by having this denim short beneath your long green and black coat – the exact funky look, that you have been dreaming for.

Silent Bob Shirt

Silent Bob T-Shirt

Wear this black t-shirt under your long coat, just like Silent Bob does. In short, The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton, giving you a soft and comfortable feel. It goes perfectly with the green and black long length coat. It has a round neck, with a ribbed crewneck. The short sleeves are perfect, as the long length coat will be covering the sleeves. You can wear this t-shirt in your daily day routine as well.

Silent Bob Baseball Cap

 Silent Bob Baseball Cap

The baseball cap that has been a popular item of apparel for Silent Bob. The character of Silent Bob is mainly distinguished because of this classy baseball cap.Silent Bob wears it throughout his day, to maintain that funky look that his character demands stud insertion. The cap is a, with an adjustable back. Is a must to have! You can grab this every time you step out of your place, for sports, workouts, or any casual event. You can wear it with a casual outfit and go for a walk along with your pals!

Silent Bob Leather Boots

Silent Bob Boots

Leather boots are essential to have! The greyish black leather boots are what Silent Bob has been gearing up in. The boots are made of real leather with a compression molded EVA midsole sole. You can now imitate the same gadgetry genius look.

Grab this Silent Bob costume and imitate the exact look with a pinch of attitude. The costume will let you cherish the characteristics of the character, and is perfect apparel to be worn for any costume party or upcoming Halloween.