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The Attractive Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart Costume Guide

Squall Leonhart Costume Guide

The game Final Fantasy VIII is a role playing game display Squall Leonhart Costume as protagonist. He is 17 year old boy who is a student of elite mercenaries from a prestigious academy of military. Initially he was considered as a loner but that changed quickly as he befriended with Irvine Kinneas, Quistis Trepe,  Selphie Tilmitt and Zell Dincht. He also gets in a relationship with Rinoa Heartilly and both of them care for each other.

Squall Leonhart is the son of Raine and Laguna Loire. However, he grew up in an orphanage that has the biggest reason to do with his loner approach. He was kept a watchful eye by Cid Kramer and Edea (his wife). Here is the exclusive costume guide of Final Fantasy VIII’s Leon Squalhart that gamers cannot get enough of.   

Squall Leonhart Wig

Squall Leonhart Wig (Product Page)

The first wonderful aspect worthy of attention is the wig that is nothing short of attention grabbing. The original character has big hairs that runs to his face making him look attractive.   


Squall Leonhart Jacket

The alluring Fur Jacket is the style statement of Squall Leonhart featured in Final Fantasy game. This exclusive design speaks for itself and is considered as the best aspect of the game.

Squall Leonhart Costume

Squall Leonhart Costume (Product Page)

Squall Leonhart wears black colored pants with attention grabbing details as seen in the video game Final Fantasy VIII. The gamers want to look like Squall Leonhart, and it would not be complete without the inclusion of this amazing pant.

Squall Leonhart Gloves

Squall Leonhart Gloves (Product Page)

The appearance of Squall Leonhart cannot be termed as a complete one without the inclusion of gloves and two belts.

Squall Leonhart Shirt

Squall Leonhart Shirt (Product Page)

Squall Leonhart wears a white T-shirt below his wonderful jacket which looks phenomenal in every regard.

Squall Leonhart Necklace

Squall Leonhart Necklace (Product Page)

The style statement of Squall Leonhart Costume is something you cannot miss out. Though expensive, but this will certainly enhance the wearer’s looks.

Squall Leonhart Shoes

Squall Leonhart Shoes (Product Page)

Squall Leonhart also wears black colored shoes that are nothing short of intimidating. Hence this is also another aspect related to the personality of Squall Leonhart.

Squall Leonhart GUNBLADE R

Squall Leonhart GUNBLADE REPLICA (Product Page)

The sharp edged Gunblade is the last thing of the costume guide of Squall Leonhart. In order to avoid yourself getting hurt, it is best advised that you go for a fake gun and a wooden or cardboard  material attached instead of blade. The gun is also attached with Squall Leonhart signatory design, similar to what can be seen in the pendant.

Hence, this completes the costume guide of Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. Besides Final Fantasy, Squall also featured in games like Organization 13, Chocobo Racing, and Itadaki Street Special.

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