Star Wars The Force Awakens Cast / Role


Hold your breath as we are taking you to the Third World, a galactic universe. Let’s have a ride to the Star Wars latest series “The Force Awaken” which will amaze you with actions, thrills and adventures. First have a look to the star cast appearing Harrison Ford as Han Solo,Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron.


The character of Han Solo is truly sketched for Harrison Ford, having the huge fan following and he received appreciatory remarks not only on acting but also on his disguise. The Han Solo Jacket seems like it is truly designed for Hans.


The film is starting with the search of Luke Skywalker, who got disappeared after the destruction of third deathstar. Poe Demeron started to search Luke and went to the planet Jakku where he met the village elder so that he can get the map to trace out the Luke’s location.


The suspense began when he got captured by stormtroopers who destroyed the village. Anyhow the Poe’s droid BB 8 succeed to escape. BB-8 met the Rey at the junkyard settlement.


The heroic entry of Finn a stormtrooper FN_2187, escaped the Poe in TIE star fighter, then they encountered Rey and BB-8 but there they got attacked by the first order. The Star Wars Finn Jacket  is the attire he carried for the thrilling actions in the movie.


Any how they succeeded to escape and flee from the planet in a the ship Millennium Falcon


The dynamic entry of Harrison Ford appeared when he captured the falcon, depicting as a pilot Han Solo along with his companion Chewbacca. He helped them out but this news wandered to the enemies, they made a star weapon having the strong capabilities to destroy the entire star system.


The Han’s and team found that the map is incomplete and without the complete map they can’t reach to Luke then they started to discover the map but Finn wanted to flee by his own to. On the meanwhile Rey found the light saber that belongs to Luke, they kept it protected.


The star killer base destroyed the republic capital to arrest them all, Poe successfully escaped all but unfortunately Rey got captured by Ren who took her to the star base for investigating about the map.


Leia enters to the story and unites with Hans and Chewbacca, she said Hans to rescue his son alive.


They encountered the Ren and fought. But in this fight Hans Solo got killed, Chewbacca took his revenge and shoot Ren and set explosive to destroy the base.


But Ren somehow survived and pursue Finn and Rey


There the Finn battled with him by the lightsaber it was so difficult to fight with a huge power Finn got badly injured.


But the fight remained continue as Ray came in the vision to take revenge and finally killed the Ren. But the fight remained continue as Ray came in the vision to take revenge and finally killed the Ren.


The happy ending revealed by the escape of Rey, Chewbacca and Finn flee in the falcon.

R2-D2 awakes and disclose about the rest of the map, Rey followed it and found Luke and present him his Father’s light saber. They also mourn on Han’s tragic death.


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