Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Costume Guide

Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Costume Guide


Han Solo The charm of Star wars without whom the entire series is worthless, whose entry is always awaited by everyone while watching as his thunderous admittance is truly mind blowing. The name which don’t need any further introduction is none other than Harrison Ford. A heroic person with a class apart. The heartbeat of everyone since he was fledgling till now, the breath taker of every lady who won the hearts by his stunning performances. His character as Hans Solo reveals the best of his acting in Star War entire succession which took him to the great heights of popularity and lust.

han solo costume guide

As we are concern with Star Wars and Hans Solo here so how we can forget about his costumes in the series and their alterations according to modifying eras. The recent series of Star Wars: the force awaken not only brought a new life in the progressions but also evoke the Hans appearance in an innovative dynamic style. He garbed a brown jacket having bullet vials front design and unique metallic buttons carried with brown jeans further assisted by the belt having gun extent to dispose the blaster. Now you can also grab all these accessories as we are showing you the right pathway. All you can catch it from

Han Solo Jacket via Black-leatherjacket

Star Wars Han Solo Belt via Amazon

Harrison Ford Han Solo Blaster via Ebay

Han Solo Denim Jean via Amazon


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