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Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume Guide

To the fans of WWE, this is the chance to prove your fanhood right! Stone Cold, Steve Austin! Yes, you heard it right! The classic wrestler in the history of WWE. Steve Austin is an American former professional wrestler, known as Stone Cold in the ring. He is the biggest star in the world of WWF/WWE. Along with his tremendous moves and finishers, his apparel is what the fans are crazy about.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vest


Stone Cold Vest

As Stone Cold steps in the ring, his classic black skull vest is what the audience admires. The vest is made of real leather with an internal viscose lining. The vest has a v style collar and a buttoned front closure. Stone Cold has been slaying in this black skull vest, which has a skull imprinted on the chest along with his ring name ‘Stone Cold’ on the other side of the chest. Grab this Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume vest and gear in the attire that intricately admires your favorite wrestler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Short

Stone Cold Short

We’ve always seen Stone Cold in his favorite shorts, which makes his fights hassle-free. Get your hands on this Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume denim short, which is made of 100% cotton with a relaxed fit. The short has multiple pockets and has a loose seat and thigh, giving you the comfort that you deserve.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Belt

stone cold steve austin costume belt

Stone Cold Belt

When it comes to imitating the look of Stone Cold, you surely want to focus on every detail. The black leather belt that Stone Cold has been attired with along with his short is the detailing that his personality features. The belt is made of real leather with a metal buckle. The loops are given to adjust the fit.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Knee Pad

stone cold steve austin costume knee pad

Stone Cold Knee Pad

The wrestlers tend to protect their body parts with every essential accessory; a kneepad is what Stone Cold has been wearing during his fights. The kneepad is made with a moisture-wicking material which is extremely durable. The kneepad gives you comfort and protection against any hard hit. Grab this in the classy black color and accessorize the look of Stone Cold.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Boots

stone cold steve austin costume shoes

Stone Cold Shoes

The boots are the main focus of Stone Cold in the ring. The classic hard leather boots are what strengthens the skills of Stone Cold along with his fights and moves. The boots are in made of vegan leather and is available in black color. A heel of about 1.25 inches is accessorized with the boots. The laces all the way long beautify the look of the footwear.