Supernatural Characters


The supernatural series is a dream come true for the ones who love and enjoy the suspense and horror genre. Eric Kripke the creator of the show had been developing the series for almost ten years. He had been fascinated with the urban legends since his childhood and believed that it exists all across the country. From that point onwards he knew that he wanted to come up with a Supernatural movie. However later he developed his envision as a TV series which was picked up by The WB.

The talented cast contributed to the amazing script and made the show successful and popular worldwide. Fans of the series would be very well familiar with the main actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who played the role of brothers who use to go down hunting the evil supernatural creatures. Apart from these two main actors, the series also had guest star cameos which equally contributed to the popularity of the show, however it seems that they have been forgotten. So let’s track down some the best guest stars that kept the show afloat.


Paris Hilton on the show was unexpected although it was really liked by the viewers and they were amazed with her performance. Paris Hilton played the role of Leshi, a shape-shifting pagan god that fed on its worshipers. Leshi ended when Sam Winchester beheaded her.


Katie played the role of a demon named Ruby who was a major players during the initial years of the series. Ruby was seen helping the Winchester brothers.


Alden played the role of Ben Collins in the series. He along with his brother was seen searching for their lost brother who met up the Winchester brothers who were headed into the woods for investigating the disappearance of several campers.


Dylan Minnette was seen playing the role of Danny Carter, who was the youngest member of the Carter’s family in the series, the family had just moved into a home that had a troubled history.


Snooki appeared as a cameo appearance in season 9. She was seen as a crossroad demon meeting the Winchester brothers in the show.


Finn Wolfhard famous for his roles in “stranger things” and Stephen kings “It”. His role was as Jordy Pinsky in season 11, though it was a small once but fans nearly lost it when they saw him on the show.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan guest starred as John Winchester in Supernatural series. He is famous for his role in The Walking Dead as Negan the antagonist. He played the role of the father to the two Winchester brothers. He wasn’t seen much in the series only appeared in the last season where he helped his sons finish Azazel; the yellow eyed demon. The fans finally got a closure when the Winchesters had a family dinner together in the end.


Lauren is a familiar face to the viewers worldwide. She has performed in various popular TV series like the walking dead, the vampire diaries and Archer. However before any of these she played as Bela Talbott in Supernatural. She played the role of a con-artist who made a deal in her teensand was cut short in the show when the hellhounds came for her.


Rick Springfield’s role as Lucifer was small and was only for the sake of fun in spite of which it was really enjoyed by the viewers.


Felicia Day starred as Charlie Bradbury who played the role of a geeky girl. Later she also appeared in season 14 where she was seen to play the alternate version of Charlie who was killed in season 10 due to helping the Winchester brothers. Like any other popular series, Supernatural did have their better and lesser seasons but the fans really enjoyed the show and the on & off cast. This show was able to achieve a huge fan base mainly because of its unique concept which was about an unusual family and how the two brother were dependent on each other to fight the evils of the world. Mainly the show keeps its fans captivated because of the brothers who keep defying all the odds and stay together no matter what. Supernatural connects every individual watching the show and makes them realize the true value of siblings and family as a whole.

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