The Walking Dead Season 9 Characters To Watch

The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead, one of the most popular series of all times is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. With its multiple seasons over the years it has captured a lot of fans worldwide who keep waiting for every new season to come up. So the fans of the comics might be aware of the brand new characters to be introduced in season 9. However they might still be curious to know what’s in store for them as it’s never guaranteed that the characters will do the same like in the comics.

Ahead of the season it was announced by AMC that new faces will be joining for season 9. The new cast might be familiar to the fans as it includes some notable actors that are recognizable and have played roles in various films and television series.

The fans might be having a battle of questions in their minds. So questions like who is going to die and who is going to live should be left for a later time. For now the focus of the fans or the ones looking forward to season 9 must be to familiarize with the new cast members, ready to join the already popular show “The Walking Dead”.

The Whisperers

Three newcharacters of the new group the Whisperers. Ryan is famous for his role in Sons of Anarchy. He will be seen as Beta; the second in command of the Whisperers. His character is a silent type who is protective over Alpha, the Leader of the Whisperers which is played by Samantha Morton; the Harlots star. CassadyMcClincy will play the role of Lydia; Alphas daughter, however it’s yet to see how she continues without Carl; a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, who’s no longer alive in the show.

The Survivor couple and its members

Nadia Hilker will play the role of Magna; the leader of a small group of survivors. It will be interesting to see her on the show as she will be seen in a relationship with Yumiko; a Japanese-American survivor who respects Magna’s Leadership skills. Yumiko will be played by Eleanor Matsuura.

Luke; a member of the couples group will be played by Dan Fogler who equally respects and supports the leadership of Magna. So we do not expect conflicts within the group, however it’s yet to be seen.

It is also revealed that Lauren Ridloff is the first deaf actress to join the series as Connie. The fans will be really looking forward to this character as the comic version isn’t deaf so we assume that she will be using the sign language to communicate with her group members in the show.

Kelly; the final member of Magna’s group played by Angel Theory, who is no longer Connie’s boyfriend but rather her protective sister.

The Antagonist

Negan, the leader of the group saviors might have been defeated in the previous series but you never know he might return.  However we don’t think the saviors will sit quiet and not rebel. They might rebel through Justin; a member of the group who is described as a trouble maker. After reading through we are sure the fans cannot wait to watch the new season. It is also rumored that some killed off characters will return to the show. You can watch the trailer to get a gist of it and calm down your nerves or buy the Walking Dead jackets to stay up to date with their clothing. We are yet to explore the new cast and the characters they portray, you never know you might have a new favorite at the end of this season, what do you think?

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