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Top Gun Maverick Costume Guide


Tom Cruise has been an international heartthrob since the time he entered the industry. However, Top Gun was one of the movies that made him reach the heights from where he never had to land back and we hope and know for sure that he will always have that kind of status for his amazing acting skills and obviously stunning looks. This is also one of the reasons why the hype for Top Gun 2 is so extensive! Releasing a sequel after more than 3 decades with the same actor as the main lead can only be done when it is a Tom Cruise movie. And in all it’s honesty, even after more than 30 years, he looks as handsome as he did back in 1986 when the film was first released, even more better for some!

Hence, if you are a Tom Cruise Fan, and more specifically have fallen in love with his aviator looks in Top Gun, you probably would be thinking of trying out his outfit from the movie which all of us have gone crazy for! The way he rides that bike while wearing his aviator jacket and everything from head to toe that goes perfectly with his style is what we have aimed for! So, without further ado, go through this costume guide and find out what exactly do you need in order to completely copy the look and own the style:


Top Gun Maverick Jacket

The very first product and obviously the most significant of all is this Jacket that you would need in order to complete the Top Gun Maverick Costume and feel like the character you have admired for so long! It is a bomber jacket in green colour, just like the one Tom Cruise is wearing in the movie, with all the required patches. Having exactly the same tom cruise jacket as the one from the movie is not that easy and so you should probably book your order as soon as possible so that you can get the best quality product and that too at a fairly reasonable price!


Top Gun Maverick Glasses

Once you have gotten the jacket and have confirmed that you will definitely be able to completely copy the style of Maverick, you can now take a look at other things that might be needed. Among these, the very first one starts off from the face obviously. Yes, we are talking about the Ray Ban aviator glasses that you can see here. It is true that you can have any pair of glasses but if you are a true fan of Tom Cruise and his work, you would probably want to look as similar as possible, and so having these glasses is a must!

Top Gun Maverick Shoes

Top Gun Maverick Shoes

If you have taken a close look at the costume the way we did, you would notice the classic boots that Tom Cruise has acquired for this particular outfit Top Gun Shop. Just take a look at these boots and then go check out the one in the scene from the movie and you would know exactly why without these boots, the costume is incomplete. These boots basically give the final touch to the whole outfit and so you should probably get them at your earliest if you are planning to own the Top Gun Maverick Costume!

Top Gun Maverick Jeans

what better to go with a green bomber aviator jacket than a classic blue pair of jeans? Well yes, that is how Tom Cruise likes to carry it and so it is our responsibility to make the pair of jeans available for you. Hence, if you want to buy a new pair of jeans for this new look that you will be owning, this is your place to go!

Top Gun Maverick T-Shirt 

last on the list is this simple white t-shirt that Tom Cruise wore under his jacket. Now that you have already gotten everything, you probably wouldn’t want to miss out on the t-shirt! It is available in all sizes from small to XL and so you can choose the one that fits you perfectly, so that when you wear the jacket over it, it gives you the same look!

We hope that this guide would have helped you in deciding how to go about the costume and that now you are completely equipped with the knowledge required to completely own the Top Gun Maverick Costume as soon as possible and satisfy the fan of Tom Cruise that lives inside our hearts!