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Top 3 Top Gun Jackets


Are you looking out for the Top Gun Jackets all overthe internet? Well, this one’s for you then! Top Gun – action drama film starring Tom Cruise has surely won over million of hearts because of the classic plot and tremendous portrayal of the characters. The first installment of Top Gun was initially released in 1986. Tom Cruise as Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell, an aircraft pilot, drives off the plot with his classic character. Who isn’t a fan of Tom Cruise here? Ha, we know – that’s just impossible, isn’t it?

Tom Cruise has always blessed his audience with the best and most adored characters that the audience loves to see on the screen. In Top Gun, the character of Captain Maverick has been yet another strong portrayal by Tom Cruise, which has won over the hearts of the fans.Along with the astounding portrayal of the character, Tom Cruise has been attired with the most classic jackets throughout the movie. These jackets have embraced him with the competent and independent look that his character demands of. We are here with the top 3 Top Gun Jackets which will make you crazy about the look and material that these have. Let’s give a look to the following and embrace ourselves with the most elegant yet charming outfits that anyone can grab onto.

Top Gun Jacket – Captain Maverick’s classic outfit


Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket

As hit and debuting Top Gun was, the next part is about to embark upon us in 2020. The jacket that Tom Cruise as Maverick has been attired with in the movie, is something that every fan would love to own. Get yourself ready, to own an attire that could bring the best out of you.

The jacket is inspired by the look of Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell, portrayed by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. This Top Gun Jacket is made of genuine leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The drop-down collar of the jacket leads down to a front zipper closure, which ensures a perfect fit. Rib knitted cuffs and hemline are accessorizing the look of the attire.The screen accurate patches are embroidered on the biceps and chest. The jacket has a flight bomber jacket look, which makes you imitate the charming personality that Tom Cruise has been carrying in Top Gun. Grab it in green, and embrace your fanhood.

Top Gun Jacket – Pilot Charlie’s astounding apparel


Top Gun Pilot Charlie Jacket

As Pilot Charlie has been a character with a competent spirit and an independent personality, along with the classic portrayal of his character, he has been adored for the gorgeous leather jacket that he has been attire with. Grab it right away, and embrace yourself with the stylish look that you deserve.

The jacket that has been inspired by the look that Pilot Charlie has been portraying in Top Gun, is made of real leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The black leather jacket has a smooth and glossy surface, which makes it look even more charming. The classic collar ensures to give you a perfect fit along with the front zipper closure. The black leather jacket makes you cherish a classy feel. The embroidered patch is sewed on the biceps, as the other flight embroidered patch is on the chest.

Top Gun Jacket – Tom Cruises Maverick’s look


Top Gun Maverick Jacket

The jacket that Captain Maverick has been attired with Top Gun, is something that looks classy and elegant at the same time. Grab onto this intimidating leather jacket and add value to your wardrobe.

The jacket has an exterior of genuine leather with an inner lining of viscose lining – which ensures comfort along with style. The shirt style collar of the leather jacket reaches down to a front zipper closure, which gives you the perfect fit. The rib knitted cuffs and hemline is accessorizing the overall look of the leather jacket. The brown leather jacket is fashioned with embroidered patches on the biceps and on the chest. The two waist flap pockets and two inside pockets makes it convenient for you to hold onto your valuables. Let this apparel bring out the best of you. The jacket inspired by the look that handsome Tom Cruise has been carrying in Top Gun, is certainly something that you must grab onto right away. Rush up now, and wear the best attire.

Let your dream come true, by grabbing onto the Top Gun Maverick Jackets that have been intimidating since always. This is the time to cherish your fanhood for Tom Cruise, with the classic Top Gun Jackets that have been the most demanding attire of the year. The high-quality of the Top Gun Jackets are admired by the fans and thus, compliments you with the competent look that Tom Cruise has been carrying in Top Gun.