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What Should I be for Halloween 2019?

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to dress up Halloween Costumes. Wear whatever you want, get a crazy makeover, and carry around unique accessories for Halloween. This is the time of year when you can follow the trend, or reflect your culture by your attire. You can now dress up as your favorite TV series character or the superhero that has influenced you a lot. Carry the outfit of your adored animated character or an animal. In short, be whatever you want to be! Because Halloween allows you to do so, without any shame or regret.

Follow the trend and imitate the characters which have been adored in 2019 this Halloween. This is your chance to follow what your heart says. Come up with the craziest outfit this Halloween along with your gang and get some memorable snaps to remember this Halloween by. Below are the characters which have been a hit in 2019. This Halloween, be one of the characters that have been ranked at the top of the list.

Khaleesi Costume – Game of Thrones

Khaleesi Costume

No matter how disappointing the ending of Game of Thrones was, Khaleesi will always remain a fan following figure. A large number of audience has adored Khaleesi, and people would love to imitate her personality this Halloween.

So, grab a pure white gown along with a cape to replicate her look from your favorite season. Get your hands on a dragon-shaped necklace and be the Mother of Dragons this Halloween.

Morticia Addams Costume – The Addams Family

Morticia Addams Costume

From your favorite childhood memories, replicate your look this Halloween by grasping over the character’s look from The Addams Family 2019. Morticia Addams, the classic character, all in black can be easily imitated this Halloween.

All you have to do is grab over a black long silky dress, with a violent makeup and a red rose in your hand.

Minion Costume – Despicable Me

Minion Costume


Let’s admit, who doesn’t love the cutest little creatures. Oh yes, Minions are what we are talking about. Take over the character of Minion with a yellow and blue costume and replicate the look of Bob or Stuart this Halloween. Don’t forget to wear those big yellow, round glasses.

Harley Quinn Costume – Suicide Squad

Be Daddy’s little girl this Halloween. Get your hands on a baseball bat, tied up two high ponytails, and wear a t-shirt labeled ‘Daddy’s Lil monster’ with blue denim jeans and Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket. Your look for Halloween 2019 is ready with an attitude.

Maleficent Costume – Maleficent

Maleficent Costume

This Halloween, reflect the evil and sexy look at the same time. Copy the look of Maleficent and dress in all black. Have a long black dress with slithering horns and a staff with a raven.

Scare your friends with this classic look and be the highlighted spot of the Halloween party this year.

Wonder Woman Costume – Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is the girl crush for our generation. Who didn’t think of dressing up like Gal Gadot? She has been a superhero and a savior to our planet and humanity.

Grabbing the outfit of Wonder Woman this Halloween would be the perfect choice you could ever make. Disguise like her with that astounding attire, a wonder woman headband, wonder woman corset and a rope to copy her powers.

White Walker Costume – Game of Thrones

White Walker Costume

The creepiest yet scariest creatures that we have witnessed this year were definitely the white walkers from Game of Thrones. Dress up like a dead creature, with a classic makeover and the attire that reflects the look of a white walker with a weapon to attack.

Venom Costume – Venom

Be the terrifying alien parasite. As the sequel of Venom is on its way, grab the look to seek attention this Halloween. The creepiest parasite deserves to be imitated this Halloween. Dress like venom and go behind other Marvel characters to scare them off.

Princess Jasmine Costume – Aladdin

Princess Jasmine Costume

You can now fulfill your dream of dressing up as a princess this Halloween. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin that has been an astounding character for 2019 is the best choice to imitate this Halloween.

Get that elegant purple dress with a royal necklace and a veil to wear. Be the princess that you have always dreamt of.

Woody the Cowboy Costume– Toy Story 4

Woody the Cowboy Costume


Adoring the animated character Woody, who wouldn’t love to dress up as Sherriff Woody this Halloween. Grab the chance to look like this fearless and adventurous character of the animated world.

Get that same cowboy look by getting your hands on a yellow checkered shirt with a black and white western cowboy hat along with cowboy boots. Yee Hawww – be ready to be called the cowboy of the year!

The Nun Costume – The Nun

The Nun Costume

The scariest claimed movie, The Nun, gives out the perfect idea to dress up this Halloween. You can now wear a black robe with a scarf, and cross-signed locket. Makeover your look with white paint on the face with a pair of cracked lines through your eyes. And you’re done with the creepiest look for Halloween 2019.

Jughead Costume – Riverdale

Jugehead Costume

From your favorite and most high rated TV series Riverdale, choose Jughead to be the character that you imitate this Halloween. The sexy outfit that Jughead Jones has carried will surely make you feel classic this Halloween. The astounding denim jacket along with a light sexy t-shirt and jeans will give you a look that you have desired for.

So, be ready to replicate the look of the most handsome hunk of 2019 this Halloween.

Deadpool Costume – Deadpool

Be ready to witness the costume of 2019. Deadpool’s red and black costume is what you must have for Halloween 2019. The immortality and heroism of the character are what your outfit will highlight.

So, hurry up and get that costume along with the astounding red and black mask to slay at the Halloween party this year.

Jon Snow Costume – Game of Thrones

You know nothing, Jon Snow! Let people say this to you this Halloween wishlist you are dressed up as Jon Snow Costume , the real promised Targaryen to the Iron Throne. Wear your huge black outfit with a furry collar, respond to people’s offering by saying ‘I don’t want it’!

Pennywise Costume – IT

Pennywise Costume

The scary clown is the signature outfit of Halloween. Carry on the trend by dressing up as Pennywise, the scariest clown of the modern world, with a red balloon in your hand. Scare the kids by offering them the balloon and asking them to come along with you.

Belle Costume – Beauty and the Beast

Belle Costume

How can Halloween be completed without a Disneyland princess? Dress up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast to gain the attention of the entire gang. Gear up in the shiny yellow gown with a rose in your hand and be ready to slay at the Halloween party this year. Maybe you’ll find your prince, disguised as a Beast this Halloween.

Captain Marvel Costume –Captain Marvel

Dress up like Captain Marvel and experience the strength and passion that she withholds. Gear up in her astounding Captain Marvel outfit this Halloween and be a highlight of the event. Be the girl crush this holiday season.

The red and blue jumpsuit along with the golden belt will make you imitate the exact look of Captain Marvel, who is considered to be a true warrior.

Since Halloween is the trendiest period of the year, allowing you to dress up as your favorite character along with all the accessories and look. Be your favorite character this Halloween. And if you have been doubtful in deciding which character to follow this year, the above list must have made your mind clear and until now, you would’ve chosen your character to imitate. Happy Halloween!

Han Solo Costume – Star Wars

Wouldn’t it be amazing to gear up in Han Solo’s costume this Halloween, and make a highlighted spot for yourself at the Halloween party? Well, the iconic fictional character of Han Solo has been a significant one, in the franchise of Star Wars. Harrison Ford has portrayed the character of Han Solo incredibly in Star Wars. Gear up in the heroic costume of Han Solo and cherish the occasion of Halloween this year. This is surely the look that you must adopt this Halloween. Get your hands on the white shirt with a v-deep neck, accompanied with a black sleeveless cowboy sort of Han Solo Vest to get the perfect look of the character. Gear yourself up with a blue pant, along with a holster for your iconic pistol. And let’s not forget to get those high black boots. So, don’t you miss this astounding opportunity, of getting your hands over this sexy costume this Halloween.

Beast Costume – Star Wars

Beast Costume

Marvel Comics have always given us the best of superheroes. The fictional character ‘Beast’ is yet another successful superhero that we have from Marvel Comics. The character is a founder member of X-men. The Beast is a genius intellectual character with immense superpowers, used to save humanity. The attire of The Beast is perfect to be adopted for this Halloween. The big-ape like personality will surely thrill your family and friends. Grab the costume of ‘The Beast’ and be perfectly dressed up for the Halloween party this year. The blue full body suit with extra highlighted markups is all you need to imitate the look of ‘The Beast’ from X-men. Get your hands on this apparel, and astonish your buds by replicating one of the strongest yet genius superheroes of Marvel Comics.

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