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What’s the Difference between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile?


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG has been treated well since its launch back in 2016. People are crazy about the game and have been genuinely invested themselves in it. However, when it was initially introduced, we only had the PC version of it and not many people were accustomed to it. But now we also have the mobile version which most of us are more comfortable with. While a large portion of the PUBG fans prefer the mobile version, some people who have been following this game since the very beginning might also favor the PC original one more, although, that fraction is very less. Hence, here we have listed some of the differences between PUBG PC and PUBG mobile so that you can get an idea as to why one is better than other! But keep in mind, no matter how many differences there are, the PUBG merch are same for both. So, without further ado, lets jump straight to the differences and know the game even better:

1. Free to Play:

This difference is probably the biggest motivation for people out there to play PUBG on mobile. As opposed to the PC version, PUBG mobile can be downloaded and played for free! While there were some issues at the beginning with regards to it being available in some specific countries only, it can now be easily downloaded regardless of your country and can be played for free on mobile! The reason why this is the biggest difference is the fact that people like to play games in their free time, but PUBG is one of those games which you make time for. And when you are giving so many hours of your day to a game, you probably would prefer it being free!

2. Customization Options:

Well, this one is a difference that matters for people who are all for aesthetics. The reason behind saying this is that the mobile version contains a lot more customization options with regards to clothing and look of your character than the PC version. So if you are one of those people who like to kill their opponents while slaying, mobile version is definitely your way to go and you would probably miss it if you played PC version after being accustomed to PUBG mobile.

3. Redesigned Controls:

Every game that was first introduced on PC and then had a mobile version have to face this issue of adjusting all the control buttons that are on mouse and keyboard on the screen. The same issue exists in mobile version and so the difference that lies here is that PC is better when it comes to control buttons. However, they have really tried their best to adjust everything on the mobile version in a way that if you get a hand of it once, it will get easier and you will be able to pass that level of being uncomfortable.

4. Easier to Handle Vehicles:

Vehicles have been a significant part of PUBG when travelling for long distances. Although, it had a handful of issues when on PC. Luckily, PUBG mobile offers much more easier handle for vehicles. You can now control them with much grasp, and the best part is that it mostly saves you from personal damage which might not be the same in the PC version. This means that it is easier to get hurt when your vehicles maybe bump into a tree in PUBG PC than it is in PUBG mobile.

5. Redesigning of the Place:

If you have been playing PUBG PC for quite a while and then switched or just tried the mobile version, you would probably notice a number of differences in the overall outlook of the game. For example, when you enter a building, there are no more maze building and there are also no glasses on the windows. The reason why this change is so important is the fact that not having glasses on windows changes the game in minute ways that can have a larger impact on the overall performance of the player

6. Remodelled Buildings:

Just like the overall changes, the buildings have also been remodelled in the mobile version to a great extent. This is definitely a positive change though. In PUBG Mobile, the buildings have more emptier spaces. In fact, apart from occasional paintings being hanged on the walls and some other minimal stuff, you won’t find anything in the rooms. Another big reveal about the buildings in the mobile version is the fact that while all of them look almost the same from outside, they have a completely different setting from the inside, so you need to watch out for that!

7. Auto Aim:

If you have been accustomed to PUBG PC, the first time you play it on mobile, you will feel like your performance is way better now. The reason behind it is this new option that is available in mobile, which is of auto aim. Although it doesn’t completely kill the person on its own, I mean what is your work then, but it does make your job more easier in terms of missing the aim by maybe a very small difference. Hence, now you can have more kills in a single game!

8. Dying in a Game:

This one is a bit of a negative aspect of PUBG mobile. We all know that in PUBG PC dying is not the end of the game. If you die, you can still be a spectator, you can easily watch where the game is leading and how your team-mates and the opponent team is playing which was a good thing. However, in the very first mobile version launch, this aspect was missing, once you die, you die! There is nothing else that you can do with the same game!

9. More Information About People:

PUBG mobile version is better in many ways and so this last difference on our list is also in the favour of the mobile version. Basically, in PUBG mobile, it is much more easier to get information about where your team members and your enemies are, as it just appears on your screen and you don’t have to do anything in order to get that information. Hence, now you can play the game with even more alertness than before!