Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Costume Guide

Wrench Costume Guide

Previously we talked about the game character Marcus Holloway who was the leading character of Watch Dogs 2. Now we come to the costume guide of Wrench leather jacket which has much more intimidating look than Marcus Holloway. Wrench is employed as another team member of DedSec as a hacker under the watch of Holloway.     

The introductory mission of the game features Marcus and Wrench working together to dismantle the newly installed CtOS on the behest of the company DedSec. He is known for having average height and is a slimy character and replicated from punk rock persona.

Wrench Face Mask

Wrench Face Mask (Product Page)

The first and the foremost of Wrench’s appearance is the spiked face mask with the black X marked goggles. This is an essential element as it helps to hide the entire identity of wrench face mask.


Wrench Leather Jacket

The studded hoodie Jacket is an ideal attire worn by the hacker Wrench throughout the game. This is the best apparel seen in any game thus far, probably in my opinion. It is all in intimidation that this jacket perfectly brings to the table.  


Wrench blue jeans

Wrench Blue Jeans (Product Page)

You cannot have a complete look until you wear the jeans worn by Wrench blue jeans. Here is the perfect wear just like the Watch Dogs 2 worthy of attention.

Wrench Shoes

Wrench Shoes (Product Page)

The final aspect of Wrench’s personality is shoes available in brown color. These provide superb outlook to Wrench’s personality.

Whether it is Marcus Holloway or Aiden Pearce, everyone brags about his personality. However, Wrench outshines every body with his exclusive style statement worthy of attention. Hence this completes the alluring costume guide of Wrench from Watch Dogs 2.

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