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Camren Bicondova Gotham Black Jacket
Camren Bicondova Gotham Series Selina Kyle Leather Jacket ..
Carmine Falcone Gotham Brown Long Coat
Gotham Tv Series John Doman Carmine Falcone Brown Long Coat ..
David Mazouz Gotham Trench Coat
David Mazouz Gotham TV-Sereis Bruce Wayne Blue Trench Coat ..
James Gordon Gotham Leather Jacket
Gotham Ben McKenzie Black Jacket For Men's Product Specification: External Material: Genuin..
Jervis Tetch Gotham Long Coat
Gotham TV-Series Jervis Tetch Benedict Samuel Long Jacket ..
Robin Lord Gotham Black Suit
Oswald Cobblepot Gotham Robin Taylor Suit ..
Sean Pertwee Gotham Military Jacket
Gotham TV-Series Alfred Pennyworth Four Pocket Jacket ..
Selina Kyle Catwoman Gotham Jacket
Selina Kyle Camren Bicondova Gotham Catwoman Leather Jacket ..

Gotham Merchandise

Gotham – an action crime drama TV series developed by Bruno Heller and produced by Warner Bro. Television is based on the characters of DC Comics. The series was first premiered on 22nd September, 2014 on Fox. The series was concluded on 25th April, 2019.

Since the series focuses on DC Comics characters, James Gordon and Bruce Wayne are the main characters of the series. Ben McKenzie is portraying the character of James Gordon and David Mazouz is playing the character of Bruce Wayne in Gotham. The plot of the series is set in the Gotham City where James Gordon pairs up with a detective Harvey Bullock to solve crimes in the Gotham City. The first season exclusively focused on solving the murders of the Waynes. Moreover, the series moves ahead to threats and enemies combining together to dominate the Gotham City with crimes.

The plot of the series and the storyline is admirable and loved by the fans. Along with the tremendous cast, script and set, the costumes have been inspiring the fans to the utmost! For the ones who have been seeking Gotham Merchandise over the internet, this one’s for you!

The category of Gotham Merchandise holds jackets, coats and suits that your adored characters from the series Gotham have been attired with. To start off with Gotham Merchandise, David Mazouz Gotham Trench Coat is a pleasure to look at. The coat has been worn by Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the series. The trench coat is made of genuine leather in blue. The lapel collar and buttoned closure features a classic look.

Robin Lord Gotham Black Suit is also something that you wouldn’t want to miss. The suit is a classic three piece comprising of a blazer, vest and a pant. Also, the Carmine Falcone Gotham Brown Long Coat is a mesmerizing coat that you would love to add to your wardrobe. The coat is made of wool with a lapel collar and a buttoned closure. The brown colored coat has two waist pockets and one chest pocket. As the character of James Gordon is adored from the series, the leather jacket that he has been looking amazing in is also available to be grabbed on. The jacket is made of genuine leather with a shearling lining. The zipper fastening closure with a standup collar makes this one in a million.

You would also love the attire that has been styling up Selina Kyle in the series. Selina Kyle Catwoman Gotham Jacket is made of genuine leather with an attached hood. The buttoned cuffs, front zipper closure and two zipper waist pockets embraces the entire look of the character. The category also holds Sean Pertwee Gotham Military Jacket, Jervi Tetch Gotham Long Coat and many more.

All you have to do, is get your hands on the apparel that you have been dreaming of since forever and imitate the look of your adored character of Gotham among your friends. Let the darkness be embraced with style.