Black Leather Jacket always focuses on customer rights, hence the data provided by them is confidential. We do not disclose, sell or share the personal details of our clients and use the given info only for the purpose of products and services database.

In order to make sure that the data provided by the customer is safe and secure, Black Leather Jacket makes use of SSL (secure socket layer) for the processing of the order. Hence your personal information and the information related to your credit card is solely used for the purpose of easing up the transactions to be done by the customer in the future. We only keep the information till the time the customer feels ease with it. Once the customer decides and asks to remove their information from the database, we follow their request and remove it. We ensure no information is sold, shared, lent or leased to any other organization, as per international law regulations.

The information we store

Black Leather Jacket collects the personal information related to the customer while he/she is visiting the website. As a new customer, you will have to provide the information such as First Name, Last name, email address, telephone number and Fax., so that your account is created on our website. However, if you wish to browse our website without creating account, we welcome you but for the purchase of the product, creating account is a must for everyone. We respect your privacy and the data you provide is deemed as confidential. 

Product Purchase Criteria

While you are purchasing the product from Black Leather Jacket, it is important that you provide us the details such as the name of the recipient, home address, phone number, and email address. However, we do not store the information of your credit card. The information collected will be used for the purpose of correct processing and shipping. You are allowed to delete or edit the information you saved by going to your account.

Services Account Information

Black Leather Jacket only stores customer’s information who are willing to make use of the services provided by us. To avail these services, you will need to provide the password and email or otherwise create an account.


Black Leather Jacket stores cookies, a small text file that will be stored while you visit the website for the first time. This will ensure that every time you visit us via the World Wide Web, you can benefit from the customized and enhanced shopping experience. However, that does not mean that Black Leather Jacket cannot be browsed without using the cookies, yet you won’t avail the same advantages of complete purchase as recommended.