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Avengers Iron Man Suit Jacket
Product Specifications: Material: Available in Both Synthetic Leather and Genuine Leather Fr..
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Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 2 Jacket
Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Cotton Racing Uniform Jacket Product Specifications: ..

Iron Man Jackets

Iron Man, the fictional superhero by Marvel Comics is surely one of our favorites. His character is co-created by Stan Lee, Larry Leiber, Jack Kirby and Don Heck. Iron Man, for the very first time appeared in Tales of Suspense. Later, the character of Iron Man founded Avengers alongside with Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp. Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, a brilliant scientist, business magnate, inventor, philanthropist and a playboy went through a severe chest injury during an abduction. His captors forced him to build a weapon of mass destruction, but Tony Stark created an armor suit to escape the captivity and save his life. He later used his mechanized suit of armor to protect the world as Iron Man. Initially, Stark kept his identity as a secret, but later he revealed himself publically as Iron Man. Iron Man has been an idolizing character for the audience. He is honest, caring and calm, along with being destructive and strengthened. For the ones who have been adoring the character of Iron Man, the category of Iron Man Jackets is meant to be for you. The category of Iron Man Jackets holds a collection of jackets that Iron Man has been attired with in his movies. Be it the Avengers, or the series of Iron Man, we have what you desire. The jackets are constructed from high quality materials, solid colors and premium stitching. To start off with the category of Iron Man Jackets, Avengers Iron Man Suit Jacket is what you would love to check out. The jacket can be constructed in both synthetic leather and genuine leather, along with soft viscose lining on the inner side. The jacket is inspired by the one that Iron Man has been attired with in Avengers, and thus features, a stand-up collar, front zipper closure, long sleeves with zippered cuffs, two pockets on the waist and two inner pockets. The jacket is available in red with a color contrast of gold and black. To move ahead with the category of Iron Man Jackets, Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 2 Jacket is also something that you wouldn’t want to miss out. The jacket is constructed from cotton and real leather and is further paired up with viscose lining on the inside. The jacket in black and blue features an erect collar that leads down to a front zippered closure for a secure fit. The long sleeves of the jacket are fashioned with zippered cuffs. The black detailing on the jacket attracts the audience with “Stark” written across the front in white. The initials of Stark that is “S” is embroidered on both the arms in white. The jacket is exactly what Iron Man has been wearing on the big screen. Let the category of Iron Man Jackets embrace you with the heroic look that you have been dreaming for since forever. Dress up as your dreamy superhero and let the world know how crazy you are about him. Look alive, look good!