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Adam Groff Sex Education Jacket
Connor Swindells Sex Education Adam Groff Brown Leather Jacket Product Specifications: Real..
$269.00 $169.00
Emma Mackey Sex Education Black Jacket
Emma Mackey Sex Education Maeve Wily Black Leather Jacket Product Specifications: Real Leat..
$289.00 $179.00
Jackson Marchetti Sex Education Varsity Jacket
Kedar Williams-Stirling Sex Education Jackson Marchetti Letterman Jacket Product Specifications: ..
$249.00 $149.00
Sex Education Maeve Wiley Jacket
Maeve Wiley Sex Education Emma Mackey Fringe Blazer Product Specifications: Real Leather ..
$289.00 $159.00
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Sex Education Otis Satin Jacket
Otis Sex Education Asa Butterfield Jacket Product Specifications: Satin Beige, Red, Blue ..
$159.00 $79.00
Sex Education Season 2 Ola Nyman Jacket
Patricia Allison Sex Education Season Ola Nyman Cotton Jacket Product Specification: Extern..
$229.00 $129.00
Sex Education Season 2 Ola Nyman Vest
Patricia Allison Sex Education Season Ola Nyman Cotton Vest Product Specification: External..
$189.00 $99.00
Sex Education Season 2 Rahim Jacket
Sami Outalbali Sex Education Season 2 Rahim Black Leather Jacket Product Feature: External ..
$289.00 $159.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Sex Education Season 2 Ruby Jacket
Mimi Keene Sex Education Season 2 Ruby Yellow Leather Jacket Product Specification: Externa..
$249.00 $129.00

The British teen comedy-drama TV series by Netflix is on the top of the favorites list. The awkward teenager Otis Milburn is the highlight of the show, who is always awkward when a sexual topic arises. But the twist arises, when his fellow student, Maeve, comes up with a business idea of educating people on how to deal with sexual problems. The combo pack of an introvert, along with an extrovert, is fun to watch all along! Besides their astounding performances on the screen, their apparels have been a pleasure to see. Wouldn’t you want to grab onto the classy apparel that your favorite characters have been attired within the TV series? Here we are, with a variety of jackets that the characters of Sex Education have been attired with. You can now cherish the look of your favorite celebrities right away! Explore the Sex Education merch and find your outfit to go!

The category of Sex Education Jacket comprises of the Otis Satin jacket, which is certainly the main attractive outfit of the show. The look of Otis in a satin, beige red jacket defines his introvert personality. The jacket has a front button closure with a stand-up collar. The rib-knitted cuffs at the end of the full sleeves are just a pleasure to own. Moreover, her business partner and school colleague, Emma Mackey, has been a girl crush for the teenagers of this era. She is spotted in this exclusive real leather jacket, which is lined with a comfortable viscose lining on the inner side. The classic fur collar makes the jacket look elegant and royal. The open hem cuffs with front zipper closure give the jacket a classy look.

Additionally, the other classic jacket that Maeve has been wearing in the show is in the distressed purple collar. The genuine leather will feel amazing against your skin. The fringes go perfectly with the color pattern of your leather jacket. Embrace the classy look of an extrovert from the TV series by grabbing onto the attires that could enhance your charisma. The jackets ensure high-quality material along with detailed stitching. If you have been craving for a look that would make you the center of attraction among the crowd, then believe us, this is what you must grab on to right away!

The Sex Education Shop allows you to explore through the jackets that every prominent character has been spotted with. Jackson Marchetti carries the look that every student would love to own. A varsity jacket! Oh yes, the letterman jacket that could enhance the look of any student roaming around the crowded corridors of the college. The jacket is made of fleece along with rib knitted cuffs. Similarly, Adam Groff’s jacket is also an attraction of the show. The brown real leather jacket will make you fall in love with the material, and people would love to see you wearing it!

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the category of Sex Education jackets to add a flattering look to your wardrobe. We are here to serve you with the best of apparel that you can own to compliment your persona. Get ready to cherish the look of your favorite celebrity from the most high-rated TV series and embrace the charm!